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I’m back with a new blog post,and today its all about a health care application- Zoctr.

Zoctr is India’s number one Home Health app. It provides you home health services at your doorstep with just one touch.

There are many applications which provide beauty and home care services on booking online, but Zoctr is the first Indian health care application that provide you services of doctors and nurses.

 You can book Book qualified, skilled and verified Home care Nurses, Attendants, Doctors Just by single touch!

Health care is an important issue to take care of.

Pollution scale is on peak, and so are increasing health issues.

Lifespan is decreasing due to unhealthy lifestyle, toxic environment , harmful technology, and other factors due to which health is the major concern of people now.

Zoctr is an initiative by Zoctr health Private limited that will help out in getting health services at doorstep.

Lets discuss about What exactly Zoctr is and how is it helpful! 

What is Zoctr?

Zoctor is India’s number one health care application, that provide you verified and skilled doctors, nurses and attendants on online bookings.

Just one touch, and your Health care Professional comes at your doorstep.

You can Book your Physiotherapists and Medical Equipment in a few simple steps with Zoctr.

If you, or anyone who is unwell and cant make it to hospital, Zoctr can help out By sending a doctor at your doorstep. 

You can download the application on Android as well as IoS.

How does it works?

1. Download Zoctr on your phone. (don’t forget to enable GPS)

2. Sign in by using your contact number.

3. Choose your Location and select the required service.

4. Select the date and time you want the service, and confirm the booking.

5. After confirmation of your booking you can schedule the screening of your booking.

Why Choose Zoctor?

1. Its easy to book verified, qualified, and skilled doctors, home care nurses, attendants in few steps.

2. Now you can book Physiotherapists, and medical equipment easily.

3. Location isn’t an issue as Zoctr comes with an in – built GPS and you can find your location instantly and and select the service out of hundreds of verified, qualified, and skilled medical professionals meeting your requirement.

4. Its easy to manage bookings, by renewing, holding and stopping bookings on the go.

5. Your appointments get the real time confirmation.

6. You can save and manage profiles of multiple patients, for self and family members or any other person.

7. Its easy to schedule patient assessment and screening visits instantly.

8. You can easily track the staff real-time on daily basis due to GPS Tracking support.

9. The Payments are not an issue as you can pay via digital wallets, Gateway, and PayTm!

10. You can Mention daily attendance of the staff, give rating, and report the issues.

Isn’t it simple?

What else one needs now? 

Few steps on your phone and the assistance on your doorstep.

Download the app now and share your views with me about Zoctr app.

For iOS users – Zoctr App

For Android users – Zoctr App

Thank You.

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  1. Zoctor app seems very useful for online skilled doctors bookings. I have heard this first time. I will definitely check this. Thanks again for this information.

  2. I’ve got to download this app – will never know when it might come in handy. And the last thing you really want to worry when you are sick is waiting to see a doctor – this takes away the worry.

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