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Churails is an exclusive series aired on ZEE5 Exclusive Channel. It is Zindagi Original series with brilliant characters like Mehar Bano, Sarwat Gillani, Yasra Rizvi, and Nirma Bucha. It is the Hindi language and the set of this victorious series is in Karachi, Pakistan. 

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The story of the Churails series revolves around four young women who have a secret detective agency. These four young, smart girls handle a fashion boutique named “Halal designs” and secretly operate a detective agency. The detective agency was formed to find and expose dishonest husbands in Karachi. The Churails series is a fusion of murder, feminism, secrets, conspiracy, and lots of spices and twists and turns.  

Its payback time, friends. Churails or #MainHoonChurail is a ten-episodes Hindi web series where a group of four women has a grudge on men who have made their lives miserable. It is an engaging and intriguing show directed by Asim Abbasi that shows feisty, fear, feminism, fun, and all. They decide to take revenge and say “Mard ko Dard Hoga” and they do fulfill this motto. 

Image source : Zee5.com

The foursome group :

Sara : Sara’s role is played by Sarwat Gilani. She has everything perfect home, perfect life partner, kids, lots of money, career, ambition, and goals. But she aims for more. She wants to be more independent.

Jugnu : She looks prominent as Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian as per her girl’s group and she is a reputed event manager. She is a rich and single lady. She has a beautiful and fun-loving and extremely rich best friend.

Batul (Nimra Bucha) : She is a jail veteran and has a disturbing past as she spent almost twenty years in jail for a murder case. She is now working well for a better life.

Zubaida (Meher Bano) : She is the youngest character of the Churails series. She belongs from a very traditional and cultural family that has tough rules and regulations. Zubaida wants to break al rules and live a free life. She has a boyfriend and she wants to love him very much and have fun with him. 

When all the four girls meet, gossips and discussions come in. They have feminism gossips and make dialogues like “aage burkha, peeche bandookh”. This simply means “sell clothes in the store while operating guns at the back store.” They make a robust plan and they start making massive money. They arrange rescue missions, they seek help from expert hackers and everything goes smooth. 

This web series has gruesome murders, eye-rolling situations, scuzzy guards, prostitution rackets, kidnappings, dark secrets of each one, masked men, and lost more spices make it interesting. Keeping extramarital affairs and meeting their lovers secretly in hotels. There is a lot of interesting twists and turns but they have a free-spirit full of violence for the grudges and aim to take revenge for miserable lives. Further, the #MainChurailHoon series has a fusion of racism, classism, same-gender love, rich or poor, sorrows, Urdu language words, and sentences that make it worth the watch.


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