Hello everyone, my today’s post is dedicated to youth, and kids, and their parents.

Writing this post with full emotions and concern towards Grandparents.
An unfortunate trend is going on this decade, in which the old people are been sent to “Old age homes”. People either due to their busy life, or annoying interference of their old mom dad in their family, send their old parents to old age homes, No matter what the reason be, the parents who brought them up are ill treated by their own children once they turn old.
This is a tragedy of our life that were living in a society in which grandchildren are unaware of the unique love of grandparents.
The Relationship between a grandchild and grandparent is pure and special. The grandparents unconditionally love their grand child and this love can’t be explained in words.
If you need a reason why children need Grandparents, Here are some:

1) Family History:

Grandparents are the ones who can tell the children their family history, and knowing history of the family is very important for a kid. A child should know from where he belongs to? Where is his Native place? Who were his/her ancestor. Everyone has some old black and white pictures, but don’t know who exactly are in them, Grandparents will be the answer bank to share who are those people.

2) Unconditional Love :

Grandparents Love their grandchildren Selflessly. They don’t expect anything in return but shower all the love on them. Grandchildren bring happiness to their life and receive lots of pampering and love from them. On one hand they spoil their grandchildren with bunch of love, and on other hand they take care that the child don’t misuse their love and support.

3) Guidance and Moral Values:

Grandparents provide right guidance to their grandchildren. They always support their grandchildren in right deed, and guide them if they’re doing wrong. Also they fill their grandchildren with moral values, teach them the values, that could improve their life and lifestyle to a great extent.

4) Emotional Support:

Grandparents are always there for their grandchildren. They provide a strong emotional support to the child and according to a research most of the children are more comfortable in sharing their problems or any happening with their grandparents than their parents. This is probably because grandparent’s love for their grandchild and how they listen to them and provide them emotional support and guide them well.

5) Always there for you:

“Grandparents stay at home while parents work at office”, this is whats trending currently. Parents can’t spend the desired time with their child due to their office and work, whereas grandparents stay at home most of the time. This creates a child’s different and pure relation with his/her grandparents. He/she will always look for them as soon as they come back home, or need to share something, and they’ll always be there for their loving grandchild.

Relationship between grandchild and grandparent is pure, unique, filled with unconditional love. Understand a child’s need for the grandparents.

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22 thoughts on “Why People with Grandparents are blessed?”

  1. Such a lovely post, Rashmi. I agree with all the points that you have mentioned above. I really wish those times come back when there were big families and kids were lucky to have love and blessings from their grandparents every day.

  2. Grandparents shower unconditional love and there is always so much to learn from them.. your granny looks adorable. Much love to you and her.

  3. I really miss the big families and the feeling of never been alone. Everything was in abundance and we used to share, fight and love each other.

  4. I only have my maternal grandmom left now and I love her like anything, Can’t really imagine a life without her!

  5. Such an heartfelt post. Grandparents share true love and care. Love the ways you write this article.

  6. I have had a ling history of fighting with my dadi when I was young! People called us India and Pak! ? But we both love each other the most

  7. Such a touchy topic! I used to love my Grandparents. The values and emotional and mental strength they have provided to me is life long and help me carry on in tough situations

  8. I never saw my grandparents. I couldn’t know how it feels to have grandparents unless I saw my daughter with her grandparents. The relationship with two is priceless

  9. Such a heartfelt post, I so much agree to the support and unconditional love of grandparents and this has almost perished due to nuclear family concepts.

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