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Marriage and pregnancy are a few of the very important events in a woman’s life. Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful journeys and it is very essential for a to-be-mother to know week by week pregnancy and its progress. The 9 months are very sensitive and equally crucial. The embryo in the stomach of a mother grows slowly and steadily. The pregnancy period is the best period w

here a mother and baby are able to grow their love and bond gradually. It is simply beautiful when you come to know that day by day your tummy grows inch by inch as your special infant is in your tummy and kicking it. The experience is all new and surreal and nothing can replace these special moments.


But as a mother along with enjoying these little moments, one has to be well aware of the foetus development on a week by week basis. Knowing all about the baby’s progress and your health progress is extremely important. So, welcome to the all-new world of motherhood. So, let us know week by week pregnancy guide in detail.

Trimester One: Tracking the exact baby growth can be difficult and hence, you have to be very specific with the dates of pregnancy and other dates. Tracking the exact baby growth initiates with trimester 1 especially when it is week by week. Trimester 1 is all about the initial days of being pregnant and from here, the baby starts to grow. During this time, mommy feels tired and wishes to sleep the whole day. Once the eggs get fertilized and implanted in the body that makes the baby.

Week 2: This is indeed a vital phase. In the second week, girls ovulate and girl’s eggs and boy’s sperm meet and that time a girl becomes pregnant and tracks pregnancy days week by week.

Week 3: During this week, the baby grows in small size and it is biologically called blastocyst. It is a tiny little speck of almost a hundred cells that get multiplied.

Week 4: The baby in the uterus is getting bigger slowly and cells are getting multiplied faster than ever.

Week 5: Embryo grows a little faster. The cells in the tummy start to multiply and mom can feel tiredness and sore breasts.

Week 6: Your infant is about to grow and his or her body organs are growing and during this time, a mom can feel morning sickness and feels weaker, sometimes.

Week 7: During week 7, the baby is gradually growing and his or her hands and small legs start to grow well. The tummy starts to grow gradually.

Week 8: Your baby is continuously moving in the tummy. This is the period when the pregnancy cycle can be calculated week by week and you can start with prenatal tests.

Week 9: The baby is almost an inch longer and it is slowly becoming a small human. Your waist will start to become thick and your weight will start to increase.

Week 10: During the 10th week, your baby continues to grow and you have taken care in the most critical part of the baby’s development process.

Week 11: Baby closes and opens his or her hands. The gums are formed and small teeth buds come.

Week 12: The brain of the baby gets developed. Also, internal organs start getting developed.

Week 13: This is the end of the first trimester. The baby is almost 4 inches.

Trimester Two: The baby is almost 4 inches long and the weight will be in between 1.4 to 1.6 ounces. They have all new and unique fingerprints. Almost 25 blood quarts are present in their heart. Moreover, their skeleton starts to develop and gets strengthen. Also, his or her organs grow gradually. You will get kicks all day and night.

Week 14: This is the beginning of Trimester 2 and you have a new level of energy in your body. During week 15, your baby’s organs get developed. The baby can understand and sense everything. Week 16, week 17 and few more weeks include overall growth of the baby.

Week 18: When its week 18, the little one starts developing genitals. hence, you will start feeling more hungry. Besides, it’s the time when your baby can hear you. During week 21st, you and your baby can have a wonderful time and you could also experience kicks inside the tummy.

Week 22: Your belly starts having stretches and unexpected pains. Your baby moves and he can feel your movements too. During week 23 and 24, your feet and ankles start swelling. In week 25, some babies start developing hair and also fats in their body. During week 26 and 27, the baby can feel the senses well and move inside the tummy every time. That means it has grown just like a normal newborn baby. Week 27 is probably the end of trimester two.

Trimester Three: Weight of the baby will be about two and a quarter pounds. At the onset of this trimester, you will know that the baby can also blink its eyes properly. He becomes a chubby baby. Babies look like mini humans.

Week 28: This is the last stage of pregnancy. The baby has eyes and this is visible through the womb.

Week 29: Muscles of the baby get matured and stronger. So, gradually, his brain gets developed.

Week 30 and Week 31: Your baby gains a weight of 3 pounds during the 31st week of pregnancy. You will have a difficult period as you can have mood swings, fatigue, strong kicks and vomiting.

Week 32 and Week 33: The baby continues to grow weight and you might feel heavyweight over the tummy. Also, you might face issues related to getting up from the bed.

Week 34, week 35 and week 36: Nervous system, lungs of the baby gets developed during these weeks as it is getting ready to take birth. During week 35 and 36, take utmost care of your health and leave all the work as your baby is about to arrive. The baby can move down to the pelvic region.

Week 37, week 38 and week 39: Brain and lungs get developed and it is obvious you will feel discomfort due to vaginal pressures. This is the most crucial period. During these weeks, watch out if water breaks and if vaginal contracts as it is the sign of baby arrival.

Week 40 and week 41: Your baby has become a small pumpkin and hence, your pregnancy period comes to an end and you are finally ready to meet your baby.

These were the week by week pregnancy guide tips for a pregnant mom. Usually, after the completion of 37 long weeks, a mother should be alert and also take care of her health as she can get the water breakage and vaginal pain anytime. Take the help of an expert doctor and get proper nutrition and exercise as what you do during pregnancy makes your baby and ensure it is strong enough. Happy Pregnancy!

Happy Pregnancy!

Rashmi Thakur ❤

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