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One of the greatest joys in life is to have friends. Those people who have good and true friends are very lucky and I am one of them. I wrote this article by remembering my friends and the happy moments I had spent with them.

Friendship is a precious bond between two people who enjoy each other’s company and like spending time with each other. Friendships develop in childhood, during teenage, and as adults between people who meet and like each other. Friendships are very important for human beings as we live in a society. Having friends helps people spend time with each other to enjoy life. Friends make life worth living as they are special gifts that last lifetimes. Friendship’s Day is a special time where friends celebrate their friendship and make their bond stronger. In the case of friendship I was very lucky. I want to write few lines for all my friends –

In the case of friendship I was very lucky. I have very good and trustworthy friends. The friends of my school and college were really amazing. They were always with me in my good and bad times . We all learned a lot from each other. Even we are still in touch & learning. I can never forget you guys. Love you And only because of you guys I am able to share tips for making strong friendships.

The following are some of the tips to make friendships stronger as Friendship’s Day approaches this year:

How to Make Friendships Stronger :

• Friendships require a certain amount of give and take. Doing something special for a friend will make the friend feel loved and appreciated. Helping out a friend in the time of need is always a way to build a friendship. Friendship is a two-way street and friendship deserves both friends to be giving, caring and loving.

• Being nice is not just important in a friendship, it is important in life. People will not have friends if they are constantly rude and demeaning to everybody around them. Being nice and loving always helps in making a friendship stronger.

• Any relationship takes effort. This is true even for friendship. To keep the bonds of friendship intact, meeting each other regularly and talking to each other is very important. If friends lose contact with each other, friendships fade away. To avoid this it is important to put time into a friendship. Having friends is a gift from God. Friends have to be cherished.

• Friends always argue with each other. It is important to not hold a grudge and move on in a friendship. Arguing with each other means that friends really care about each other. Not prolonging a fight helps friendships grow and makes it stronger.

• One of the most important aspects of a friendship is honesty. Without honesty, there can be no friendship. If friends constantly lie to each other they are not true friends. Some amount of healthy competition between friends is good. But if friends are constantly trying to compete with each other, then such a friendship cannot last long.

Friendships give happiness and have proven to help relieve stress and give comfort and joy to people. Friends, who stand firmly with each other, help each other become more confident in life. Friends bring emotional happiness and they also help to deal with everyday problems of life. Friends should be able to talk about any random topics in life. They should be able to talk frankly with each other and be there for each other in a time of need. Friendship’s day is celebrated all over the world to make people understand the value of friendship in this very difficult world of the 21st century. It is tough to thrive in this world today and having friends is a way to make the whole process of life a little easier with dear friends.

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19 thoughts on “True Friendship Are Special Gifts that last lifetimes”

  1. Glad to see your friendship growing stronger with passing years. May your bond be stronger than ever.

  2. For me the most special relationship is friendship and you are truly blessed that you have such beautiful friends in your life, loved the way you express everything here about friendship 🙂

  3. Every relationship needs efforts, I loved the way you started the post and ended it with some meaningful points 🙂 God bless you, I’m gonna meet my friends after ages when I will go at mom’s place 🙂 Your happy photos made me realize their importance again 🙁

  4. Your post made me nostalgic. And, very true words friendship is a two-way street and cannot work if only one person cares and the other ignores.

  5. Nice article , agree with you , we need to put effort to maintain good relationship with our friends , giving them time and listening to them is very important.

  6. Loved your blog post. Very well written. Friendship is most beautiful relationship in this world. Nice pics

  7. True friends are blessings, I can relate this post as I also have some amazing friends in my life… They not only support and help u but always stand with u in your thick n thin times, nice post

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