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ZEE5 is back with Trinayani, the Bengali show aired focusing on the
supernatural soap opera. The fictional series is witnessing many
unconventional plots and lots of intriguing scenes. Also, it shows real Bengali
culture and traditions.

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The show stars Shruti Das and Gourab Roy Chowdhury who have worked
incredibly well. Well “Trinayani” is a beautiful and interesting story of a girl
who can foresee and judge the future. This series has been remade in Odia and
Telugu respectively.
“Trinayani” Serial Plot Story
As mentioned earlier, Trinayani is the story of a girl who is able to foresee and
predict the future. She is indeed blessed with a divine power to predict
anybody’s or any happenings future. However, her special future forecasting
powers brings a lot of hassles and ups and downs and ultimately hatred for
her. Further, people curse her badly and also her family members are facing
severe consequences because of her special powers. Ahead of the story is the
interesting one. She falls in love with an urban guy and her life changes in a
good direction. It is a supernatural drama series aired on ZEE5 channel.

Image source – ZEE5.com

Amid the series and episodes, Bengali Television serial “Trinayani” has been
witnessing a lot of interesting twists and turns. The show had good TRP ratings
and rates. Lots of people who watched this series were impressed by the
performance of the actors. Also, the recent episodes and seasons have been
the finest. The makers have turned no stone unturned to make them even
more engrossing.
Right from Sanjukta’s strategy to take over Nayan’s property to cracking and
solving the pregnancy case of Jasmine and lots more. These things are
constantly adding spice and the drama has been on high voltage. Well, the
show Trinayani has more tweaks and turns just for you watchers.
However, amid COVID-19 situations, the show was about to conclude and the
makers had made their minds to conclude it too. But things and situations
were changed post lockdown. Interestingly, Trinayani has received a new edge
and extension for the fans. Not only the storyline has been drastically changed,
but also there is a new track awaiting.

To give you all an intriguing hint, Octogenarian actor Mita Chatterjee will no
longer be a part of “Trinayani ” series due to COVID-19 outbreak. Also, Debjani
Chatterjee will say a goodbye to the “Trinayani” team and her fans.
A woman who is able to foresee the future and wishes the good for everyone
to help them better their lives. Trinayani is one of the stories like that. This was
basically the storyline, however, post-lockdown, the show will see a major
change. The storyline of Trinayani will undergo a leap for about two years.
Nayan is expecting a baby now and soon she will be able to crack all the
unsolved cases with the use of her powers and strategies.
Getting visions from the past and forecasting the future is not a stereotyped
concept. It is indeed very unusual and hence, all the fans must watch it. Also,
you can watch the ZEE5 content library by taking a subscription to ZEE5 and
start watching it on 5 screens simultaneously.


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