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As you all know children’s day is coming and I’m so excited to celebrate children’s day . In India , children’s day is celebrated on 14 November every year on the occasion of birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister. And the main purpose of this day is to encourage the welfare of Childern all over the country. Do you know why I love to celebrate children’s day? Because it reminds me of my childhood days. It was my favorite day in my childhood also. Getting more pamper by others on that day , so many Gifts . Omg I can’t forget those days. Now I’m a mother of a 1.6 year old baby . But still I want to celebrate children’s day with my son.

To chalo CHILDREN’S DAY manaye , aur ham bhi ” BACCHO KE SATH BACCHE BAN JAAYE .”

I remember when I was kid I used to think what gift would people give me. and whenever I got the gift as per my wishes , I used to be very happy. Children’s Day is a very special festival for children. So you do not think we should make this day special for them. So it’s time to do something good for them and gift something good for them. Let them feel special that day . Do something according to their choice. Now I’m going to share some good gift options for your lil one. I’m sure they will love these gift options for children’s day.

Here are the list of top 10 children’s day gifts for your kids :

1) Favourite books or comics :

You can gift a good book as a children’s day gift. It’s not necessarily that you gift your little one only education base books. Let them follow their own heart on that day. All kids loves to read comics . You can gift them their favourite comics to make them happy because everyone knows Childern loves to read comics.

2) Favourite character costumes :

Every child likes some of characters and want to be like that or friendship with them. Like my baby loves Micky mouse. They would be really happy when you will gift them their favourite character dress. Like Superman , Spider-man , saktimaan etc.

3) colour kit :

As we all know kids love to play with colours . By drawing they can draw their imaginations in the paper. So it’s mean it’s also a part of learning and a good gift option too.

4) Educational toys :

What can be better than a educational toy. They can learn something from your gift. A perfect gift option to improve their different type of skills by educational toy.

5) Sports kit :

Sports kit is also a very good gift option if your little one loves sports. You can gift them cricket kit , badminton kit etc . Specially boys loves to play cricket . So for boys it’s a best option.

6) Musical instruments :

If your child likes music and he knows how to play musical instruments. You can choose a good music instrument in which your child is interested. Because every child’s interest is different. Like some loves to play guitar but some loves to play piano. So choose gift according to their choice and interest.

7) Stationery :

For gift , stationery is a very useful option. This option is not for my baby because he is only i.6 year old But a school going student can’t servive without stationery. If want to gift something useful for their daily life , stationery is a best option.

8) Cake :

Oh cake yammmm. Who can say no for cacke. Especially children do not and me too . Cake is the best thing to remind them that you are a very special person for us and this day is for you.

9) Surprise kids movie tickets and outing with your lil one :

Children loves outing and movie . It’s not good if you are showing them movie daily but if you are showing them occasionally then it is not wrong. So if you want to make a little special feel, then you can enjoy a movie and a dinner date with you little one. For outing you can choose park or playground too.

10) Cadbury Dairy Milk :

Oh so now a last one but my favourite Gift option. I love Chocolates. Specially Cadbury Dairy Milk. I think everyone loves Chocolates . Whether it is a Kid, old or young . And if the chocolate is Cadbury Dairy Milk … Omg who can say no . Kids also loves chocolates. Children’s day is a very special day for kids then how we can celebrate a special day without sweet ? And what can be better than a Cadbury Dairy Milk as a sweet??? There are many Cadbury Dairy Milk gift packs are available on the market to gift your loved ones. So it’s a sweet and a lovely gift option when you want to say any one-


Share your thoughts with me that what can be a good gift option for kids in this children’s day.

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Disclaimer :- This is a sponsored post but I shared my experience honesty .


16 thoughts on “Top 10 Gifts for this Children’s Day”

  1. Wonderful ideas for gifting kids something special on children’s day. I like gifting them their favorite toys or gifting chocolates candies etc. I am also planning something for them too.

  2. I’m waiting for my toddler to grow up, so that I can use these ideas to celebrate children’s day with her. Loved all your ideas, I find many of them interesting.

  3. These are really nice gift ideas for children’s day, I love giving chocolate, but I think for now I should give educational games, They will enjoy while learning.

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