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Holi is just around the corner and although it’s a fun festival to celebrate, it can have negative consequences on your skin with harsh chemicals. Even if you use organic colors, you should always protect your skin so that it is not damaged by the sun for long hours and prepare it so that colors come off easily.

So, if you look forward to the festival of colors but you also worry about the consequences on your skin, there is help. All of the poor quality color on the skin, associated with sun exposure and intermittent splashing of water, can leave a dull and damaged appearance. Prepare your skin so you can enjoy Holi while minimizing damage. We have some tips that will help you play Holi so as not to touch your skin.

Pre-Holi Care

Before playing Holi, be sure to protect your skin with products that will help you mitigate the damage. Since your skin will be exposed to other external factors than colors, it is important to protect it by using sunscreen, oil and other beauty products. You will find below a checklist to prepare your skin before playing Holi.

What to apply on your face before Holi

Since your face will be exposed to all kinds of damage – colors, sun, heat, dust, etc., it is important to protect it beforehand. To add a layer of protection, wash your face, then apply a moisturizing lotion with an SPF 50. After that, take a few drops of olive oil and massage well into the face and neck. You can use a tissue to remove excess oil that has not been absorbed.


Before going out, cover your body with a rich moisturizer or with coconut oil. Then give a good message to your body so that it is completely absorbed by the skin. This will act as a barrier between your skin and colors and will also facilitate the removal colors later.


Since Holi is mostly an outdoor activity, make sure your clothes cover most parts of your body. Opt for long-sleeved kurtas, t-shirts or tops, pants, always, jogging pants, etc. This will not only protect your skin from color or damage, but also from exposure to the sun that may affect it more. Wearing dark colors will ensure the colors do not come on your skin so easily when mixed with water. If however, you wish to wear something short, follow the other tips to avoid damage.

Use cotton clothes

Try to opt for comfortable clothes an in a breathable fabric like cotton. Synthetic and tight clothing can cause rashes and allergic reactions to color contact. Although many people opt for them because they dry quickly, it’s better to stick to comfortable fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. Synthetic and tight clothing can cause rashes and allergic reactions to color contact.

Sun protection

To avoid tanning and burning, use a generous amount of sunscreen, preferably waterproof or water-resistant. Make sure it has an SPF of at least 30 or so, so it works during the day also. If possible, take the sunscreen with you and apply it again every 2 or 3 hours to hold the sunshade. The best time to apply sunscreen is after the morning shower so that your skin absorbs it well. You can apply a layer of oil or moisturizer on the top after a while, just before going out.

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