Pregnancy is the most important phase of every woman’s life, especially when she expects for the first time. But, getting pregnant during COVID-19 pandemic requires an extra layer of precaution and safety. Am I right? Here I am sharing tips for Pregnant women that will help them during the pandemic situation.

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COVID-19 has made it difficult for us to lead a normal and healthy life. We are locked up at homes for the last 6 months and hence, we get bored. Likewise, couples are getting enough private times due to work from home scenes. Hence, they plan a baby if they are recently married. 

Yes, parents who are trying to have babies possess different plans for welcoming the baby. But this year, they have to alter their plans and take extra precautions. All to be moms, tighten your seat belts and know all the “Extra precautions” you need to take while dealing with pregnancy amid pandemic times. 

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Tips for Pregnant Women

1. Take proper rest: First and foremost all to-be-moms need to do is take proper rest. Many to-be moms are engaged with work from home and they do a lot of activities. Hence, it is necessary to rest at least 8 to 10 hours. Likewise, a pregnant woman should sleep more on the left side. It is scientifically proved that this improves blood circulation in the body and also improves nutrition flow to the baby. This is one of the important tips for pregnant women. But take care while sleeping, if you feel pressurized or uncomfortable, you can sleep straight because the pressure should never come on the stomach side

2. Walk and Exercise: Just like sleeping for 8 to 10 hours, you need to carry out exercises and frequent walks for good health and digestion. It may be difficult to carry out regular exercise but you have to be more active to regularize your health. At least 30 minutes of walk is required after you consume a heavy meal. If you are going to a nearby shop to purchase a few things for the home, take a walk instead of taking a car or a personal vehicle. This tip is also very beneficial for a pregnant woman.

3. Stay at home: This is one of the most important things to do amid pandemic days. Stay at home and stay healthy. Forget not there is still a virus roaming outside and you have to take extra care to use a mask and gloves while going out. But try to work out and exercise from home or terrace. This is the most important tips for pregnant women during the pandemic situation.

4. Practice Social Distancing: One of the best things you can do to safeguard yourself and your child is practice social distancing as much as possible. Keep at least 3 meters of distance from every outsider and quarantine yourself in a clean and neat room. These simple steps will help you be safe anytime and anyplace. 

5. Wash Hands Frequently: In order to stay clean and healthy, you need to make use of hand wash, soap and sanitizers to keep them clean. You should at least wash your hands 10 times a day for 20 seconds. Moreover, you can also make use of a disinfectant. This is also one of the most important tips for pregnant women. 

6. Use a Clean Mask: Cover your mouth and nose with a clean and washed mask. Make use of antiseptic liquid for taking baths and washing your mask. Even you can make use of phenyl to keep your home and surrounding clean. 

Tips for pregnant women

Also, make sure to dispose of the tissue after using it as a virus may be present here. Avoid frequent touching nose, mouth and eyes and if all you touch make sure your hands are very clean. 

7. Eat Healthy FoodNutrition is necessary when you are pregnant. You need to have 4 meals a day. You must eat homemade salads, vegetables, whole grain chapatis, parathas, curd, yoghurt, lentils with butter. Also, make sure to have a heavy breakfast that provides vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates in the right quantity. Also, include juices, dry fruits, chocolates and milkshakes and milk in your diets to stay stronger.

8. Listen to Some Music: While carrying out work or home chores, you can add soothing music in the background. You will feel energetic and good. Make it as a part of your daily routine and you will never be depressed during pregnancy and music is indeed useful. It is useful to reduce home arrest stress. Make sure you are hearing soothing and soft music. Fast raps if you love and feel comfortable, you can also hear the same. 

9. Gardening: If you have a garden outside your home, you should engage yourself in gardening and plantation activities. Grow your favourite plants and flowers in the garden that gives you fresh air and also gives a peaceful environment. Also, walk in the garden in the morning to get enough of vitamin D. You can also perform exercise and yoga in the garden with no disturbance and also read your favourite novel. Dancing is also one of the most important activities a pregnant woman can do. She can practice dance every day in the garden with light and easy steps and good music.

10. Engage in your Favorite Hobby: If you are pregnant and find it difficult to adjust business work, projects and household chores, then you must find some time to develop your hobby. It may be singing, writing or learning any new skill that isn’t so risky or heavy. In this way, a pregnant lady can find mental peace every day despite having a lot of work.

These are some of the tips a pregnant woman needs to follow if you are locked down at home during a pandemic.

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