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Everything demands care, whether it be your Spouse, or the Car.
You need to take care of it like you take care of yourself.

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Here are few simple tips on how to take care of your car and make it look as if its new for Lifetime, Which you Should Know Before Buying a Car, also these ten basic tips will help you to increase the life of your car, and keep it safe:

1) Wash Your Car Frequently:
Like you take bath everyday, Your car also needs to be washed everyday. If settled for a longer time, the dust and dirt is settled and gets baked into the paint by sun. Hence removing dirt becomes difficult then, so its better to wash your car time to time. You can also simple spray water on your car and it will vanish the dirt away.

2) Park Your Car in Shade:
By parking your car in shade you are already protecting your car’s paint from being damaged or fade away. This is probably the simplest way to protect your car’s paint. It is highly recommended to park your car in shade every time.

3) Wax Your Car:
Wax your car frequently if you want an extra protective layer to protect the exterior look of your car from the UV rays, dirt and dust particles, and chemicals as well.
It doesn’t only adds shine to the car’s body, but plays a very important role in protecting your car.

4) Don’t drive with overheated engine:
Your car’s engine heats up as you drive and the engine runs, hence it requires cooling system in order to avoid overheating. Driving with an overheating engine can lead to expensive repairs. Driving with an overheated engine is very dangerous! Hence don’t ever ignore it.

5) Check the Car’s Tyre Pressure:
It is almost impossible to judge the tire’s pressure by just looking at it. Hence its very important to get it checked time to time to know actual pressure of the Tyre.

6) Inspect the Brakes:
Brakes are another most important part of the car . But unfortunately, they get ignored by the car owners, even when the brakes makes the squeaking noise. If you ever hear a squealing or grinding noise when you brake, get it evaluated ASAP.

7) Don’t use Home Glass Cleaner to clean the windshield:
Home glass cleaners contain ammonia as the main cleaning component. Ammonia tend to break down the heating elements in your rear window. Rather use window cleaner designed for automotive glass only, they’re specifically designed for cleaning glass of cars.

8) Change the Car’s Oil:
Changing the car’s oil is another important thing to take care of. You need to change the oil of your car in specified miles. The miles of changing the oils depends from different car and the models. To be effective, motor oil cannot be too old, else it will break down. The older oils can lead to sludge deposits in your engine, which can damage parts, but changing oil regularly will maintain good life of your car.

9) Check The Battery:
Checking the battery is another necessary thing to keep in mind in order to maintain your car. Maintenance of battery can be done by keeping the battery clean and secured so that it doesn’t vibrate, and keeping connections clean and tight at the terminals, also you shall check the water level as well.

10) Use a car Body Cover:
Use a good quality car body cover, which is Made up of synthetic U.V protective fabric.
The body cover protects your car from the sun’s harmful UV rays, dust, dirt and chemical pollutants. In case you can’t find shade to park your car, the car body cover is easy to carry, I.e., portable and you can use that anytime, anywhere to cover your car and protect it.

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