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As you all know it’s almost Diwali time and Diwali is one of my favourite Indian festival. Why??? Because I love lights, colourful decorations, sweets, new dresses and most important gifts . Yes I love gifts . I like to take gifts and give both. Diwali is the main festival for the kids because sweets and gifts are the heart of the kids. There are so many children in my family and in every Diwali, I give gifts to these children. First I used to gift clothes and some other things to children. But I find these gifts are not best for kids . So this time I have decided that I will give them something related to learning. Did I decided right? According to me I’m 100% right because I think learning gifts are best for kids. Anyway we will discuss about gifts further and I will suggest you something too for you lil one related to learning. First let me tell you something about Diwali.

What is Diwali :- Diwali is the most important festival for Hindus in India. during Diwali , Hindus worship maa Lakshmi, the goddess of health and prosperity and lord Ganesha , the remover of obstacles.This festival is known as a incredible occasion of enjoyment, good wishes , value , treats, customs and traditions. People decorate their homes, Streets, stores and buildings with lights and diyas. People dressed in new clothes, visit relatives and friends exchange greetings and gifts. Children burst fire crackers and every one has jolly good time. People Conway their love and good wishes in Diwali to give gifts to others. Retailers and online websites come up with tempting offers. Let’s have a look at some of the Diwali gifts . For elders you have a lots of options for the gift but what about the children??? Clothes? Simple toys? No no in this Diwali try something related to learning. The best gifts for you lil one.

Learning toys :-

My baby Ajisth is very active boy and he loves outdoors but when time to stay inside the house. Oh my God nobody can handle him . In such a situation, keep him busy in the house was a big challenge for me. one day my a friend suggested me… Why you are not trying some learning toys? Baby will play and learn. She said tumhara baby “Khel Khel me sikhega” . I thought option is not bad. I bought some learning toys and I find mera beta such me “Khel Khel me shikh rha hai”. That’s why I have decided “This Diwali,gift learning” for kids. I’m suggesting to you too try this Diwali learning gifts for your little one. In learning toys for kids there are lots of interesting options like abacus, number block and animal toys blocks etc. You can create a fun learning environment for your kids with a variety of skill-oriented games foll all ages.

Why learning toys are important for kids:-

As I’m using learning toys for my baby so I know why learning toys are important for kids. Here are few points for you by my personal experience…

• By learning toys, kids can develop their reasoning ability.

• Kids can develop their ability to think fast by mathematics and counting games.

• Kids can also develop their language power at young age .

• Kids can start learning before school with the words and numbers.

• Learning toys would be helpful to build their confidence.

• Learning toys encourage socialization and cooperation.

How to choose learning toys:- Choosing the right toys is a big challenge for every mom.

Toys are children’s words and play is their language. — GARRY L. LANDRETH

So if you want to make your kid’s word and language clear then choose right toys for them. I choose my son’s toys very carefully. Here are some points I have written about how you should choose your kid’s toys.

• Choose toys according to age.

• Take your kid’s interests when picking out a toys for them.

• You can check consumer’s review but choice should be yours.

• Check manufacturers age So now if you are looking for learning gifts . You should check one of best online toys website skola ones. As I mentioned earlier online websites come up with tempting offers. They have amazing collection of learning gifts and toys. click here to check the amazing collection of learning gifts of skola toys. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook too.

Disclaimer :- This is a sponsored post but I shared my experience honesty .


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  1. These skola toys are best option for gifting to kids on their birthdays or on any occasion. Actually I am searching some toy gift for my five year old niece. Will try if I get something accordingly. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

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