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Today I’m here with my MISTAKE and my this post is for those who are newbie blogger. May be it might hamper my reputation but I don’t want the other newbie blogger also make same mistake which I made.

I have learned from my mistake and you should take lessons from my mistake. Everyone makes mistakes in life but that doesn’t mean we have to pay for it the rest life. Yes I made mistake it doesn’t mean I’m bad. A good person can also make a mistake because we all are HUMAN.Sometimes we unknowingly make a big mistake.I also made a big mistake and this post is my confession to get rid of my guilt.

I’m a new Blogger. I started my blog in May 2017.I collected 3 intesting and useful information from the web and assemble them on my blog as my own reference. I was a newbie blogger and had no idea about RSS, traffic or monetization of a blog.I was not aware of Adsense and how Bloggers make money.Even till now i don’t know about it more.It was a innocent mistake which I was doing unknowingly.

I got to know about my mistake when I got a msg from my fellow blogger, She massaged me in a group and said- I still remember her words… Sorry Rashmi, I read your blog post. Did you, by any chance, forget to give credit to the original post? It would be against my ethics and integrity if I comment on this post. It is okay if you don’t comment on my post either… I immediately opened my blog where my 3 articles were copied in which 2 I deleted immediately and in the third one I changed whole content overnight. And really this content was more better than the copied one. She can private message but no it was public. That moment was very embarrassing for me. But I can’t do anything because I was wrong. I was not able to face anyone even I have not taken dinner that day.Assuming myself guilty I was too upset. Guys If you can not help anyone then please don’t make it blast too. It’s my hearty request to you all.

Whatever I did it was only for the share knowledge with all my readers but my approach was very wrong, but I was not monetizing it. Also, being a newbie blogger, I had no idea about copied content is illegal, and because I was a new mommy so i did not get the time for my blog that I could write articles. But this was my problem, no one else’s.

May be you all are better than me but mind it I’m also not less than you. I’m also a educated person.yes,I did mistake but I learned from my mistake which motivated me to confess my sin today. Now I’ll give my best in my every blog post. Now whatever I i’ll write it would be by myself because now I want to write for myself to create my identity by writing something that will make me feel proud. I know this will help my blog to grow.

A special thanks to MINAKSHI for everything . She is blogger at http://www.mommystimeline.com Thanks for the cooperation and motivation. Thanks, for giving me a favor at my worst time. She encouraged me – Rashmi by yourself you can do it more better. so don’t think about others only give your best. She explained me almost everything about blogging what should I do or what not and till now I’m learning from her about blogging.

Thanks to read about my mistake, which I already confess. And for this I’m feeling sorry. I’m sure the message I wanted to give that you have got all.

Along with this I request to all the newbie bloggers please never do this mistake which I made. It might be effect your reputation. If you copied then mention the source, from where you have taken it. Apart from this, if you need any kind of help you can contact me I’m not expert but I’ll try to give you my best. So be honest, to be happy.


31 thoughts on “The Mistake I Made…”

  1. WHat you did is called Plagiarism. Just Google the word. You are lucky the person from whom you copied didnot go the legal way, because Newbie/ professional or any kind of blogger knows about copying content from others site.

    You can paste a snippet from anyone’s blog and give them a link back, saying you can read the entire post on their blog.

    If you only had time to copy stuff from others post, why not just copy their link to your blog posts and publish?

    Also Indians are very easy-going, international bloggers and Google keeps an eye on copied content which will create a lot of issue for you and your blog

    BUt i admire you for speaking it out.

    Remember copying is not equivalent to editing either. you can make your own good content, i am sure you have some genuine ideas – write about your experiences!

    1. unfortunately i did not know about Plagiarism and neither had a friend like you who could taught me about Plagiarism. I was busy in my world and never gave a thought what wrong i am doing to my blog. But Thanks God I am now focused on creating my own content instead of copying.

  2. Rashmi I don’t know u much but dear monetising isn’t a bad thing like u said u were copying but not monetising… rather u shud monetise but never ever copy. N it’s 1st rule we are taught as a kid as well not to copy anyone’s stuff.. Atleast blogging world gives u ease f copying while paying a credit.
    But it’s good you are brave enough to talk it out and sorting now on
    You did so well here in this write up as well
    As Minakshi said., u surely do not need anything else.. u ll do much better here

  3. You should be glad someone pointed it out and didn’t let you continue with this, could have been really harmful in the long run. Copying someone’s content and claiming it as your own, by publishing it on your blog and not giving credits is called plagiarism and can have legal consequences. Good that you came out… Start writing our own experiences, you can also take information from other blogs and sites, but don’t forget to give them the credit, coz just editing does not suffice. Wish you all the best for a fresh start.

  4. What you did is admirable… Confessing a mistake is never easy, so hats off there.

    I have been on the other end where my content was copied and published without giving any credit, thus I can totally understand why the fellow blogger might have pointed this out. You as a blogger would know the kind of efforts we all put in when we write a piece… And if someone can get all the appreciation and credit for it, it can be frustrating. Good that you are sending out the message to other moms here that a blog should always come from ones personal experience. Copying or editing and reposting would never help in long run!

  5. I agree that she should have told you on personal sms. But now u got a lesson and her this act made u worm hard for your blog. Take it as a lesson and good vibe. And i know kw u will write well in future. Good luck.

  6. We all learn from our mistakes. But accepting we did a mistake is the first step. There are tons of articles online to help you and also the blogging community is close-knit you can always reach out to your fellow bloggers for any query.

  7. Get rid of that guilt now. Newbies make a lot of miatakes and learning from those mistakes make them a good blogger. ?

  8. We all do mistakes, but to own it one need to be brave. hats off to you. You could even use copyscape. Copyscape is a free plagiarism checker.

  9. Confessing ones mistake isn’t easy. Appreciate you realized your mistake and learnt a lesson. As far as blogging is concerned. Try to research about it first. How it functions and what all it involves. Plagiarism is a serious issue in the blogging world. Studying about all this would help you a lot. Try to write less but write original. That would certainly take you forward as a blogger.

  10. honestly i think you should be thankful to the one who pointed out because she/he made you aware about the ethics and whether copied content is better than original or worst is still copied and the author of the original post must have put in a lot of effort which made it easy for you to make it better(which you think was )…but I am glad you have realised your mistake and would still ask to thank the person who made you realise instead of blaming ..

  11. In my opinion, you should thankful to that person who pointed out your mistake otherwise situation might went awful … Google is very strict over copied content.. But it’s good you realise your mistake on time…

  12. God bless you for accepting your mistake and trying to do the right thing henceforth. Always remember Rashmi no one is an expert. People fall, get up, fall again and then learn. But learning should be honest and the effort matters the most. Continue to learn from the mistake you make in life not just in blogging but otherwise in life too.

  13. Everyone makes mistakes – That’s how everyone learns. It is a great step you have taken, to share with everyone and to immediately take steps to rectify the mistake. Kudos! Good Luck with your blogging journey ?

  14. Confessing is a big thing, we all make mistakes … It is better to learn from our mistakes and accepting it in front of everyone is a sing of greatness. Kudos to you !

  15. You are brave that accepted you have made a mistake. We all do, after all we are humans. Pointing out that you are wrong in your approach is fair but again making an issue put of it is definitely not good & positive.
    Minakshi is a very good blogger, I am sure she will help you in knowing what’s best. You can also reach me if need be. I am not very experienced but yes can help you a little for sure
    Good luck

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