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Welcome to Ajisth’smomstyle. Today I am going to talk about one of my healthy habit. Yes , Yoga is my one of favorite and healthy habit.

Yoga is a practice followed by Hindus for thousands of years that involve physical exercise, breathing techniques, and meditation which helps body and mind. It has been practiced in India for thousands of years and helped people become more physically fit and also helps them mentally and spiritually in their lives. Yoga has become popular in the last decade internationally as well as the benefits of yoga become more known to people from different parts of the world. There are yoga classes easily available in almost all countries of the world especially in major cities where many people practice yoga.


Yoga is made up of many different asana. Asana are different postures that are adopted while performing yoga. Generally, a certified yoga teacher knows the exact steps and ways to perform different asana and it is always a good idea to learn these asana properly at a yoga class from a reputed yoga teacher. One of the most common types of yoga asana is the Sirsasana. This type of asana is taught at almost all yoga classes and has a lot of benefits.

What is Sirsasana?

The word Sirsasana is made up of two words “sirsa” and “asana”. Sirsa means head and asana as mentioned above means a posture in yoga. In layman’s terms, this type of asana is a headstand where the body is completely inverted and is supported by the arms and the headrests lightly on the floor while the legs are up in the air in an inverted position. There are different types of Sirsasanas where the posture and positions change slightly depending on the type of Sirsasana that the person doing the asana wants to do. There are many benefits of Sirsasana and that is why it is one of the most popular asanas practiced by millions all over the world.

Benefits of Sirsasana

• Sirsasana improves mental health and also rejuvenates the brain.
• It improves the blood flow to the brain, helps reduce migraines and headaches and also helps improve the focus of a human being.
• Yoga calms the body and mind and sirsasana helps people deal with anxiety, fear and relieves stress.
• It improves upper body strength.
• It also improves the strength of the arms, shoulders and also increases blood flow to the eyes and also improves the vision in the eyes.
• It improves the overall strength of the upper body and also develops strength in the core muscles of the body.
• Sirsasana helps in reducing fluid buildup in legs, improves the digestive system, flushes out the adrenal glands, and also helps cure problems like varicose veins, piles, and also helps cure diabetes and helps solve sexual disorders.
• Sirsasana prevents hair fall, improves skin complexion and also helps cure everyday problems like a cough and cold.
• Sirsasana is also known to help people who have problems like thyroid and helps with the overall health of the body.

Sirsasana, as mentioned above, has many health benefits and is a common type of asana that is taught in yoga classes all over the world. It is a headstand and is a difficult asana to perform and all the students should always start practicing this asana with the help of certified teachers at first.

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