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Sarvangasana is a posture in Yoga which has several goodness and is packed with health benefits. It actually is a way one does a total body training and this if done regularly makes the body strong and healthy both internally and externally. The name itself denotes the posture if we break it up, that is, ‘sarva’ means every ‘anga’ means the body parts.

By this all we can derive is that the posture demands the entire body to be lifted up by putting effort in the shoulders. If we have a look at how a Yogi does this, we can see that they basically lift their limbs by emphasizing on the shoulders and this asana is basically the mother of all asanas.
Sarvangasana has a lot of health benefits for our body which are magical and exclusive, they are as follows:

Benefits of Sarvangasana :

1. The blood circulation, respiration and digestion is enlivened and they are made to work in an interestingly vivid manner without any improper functioning.
2. When a person practices this asana a lot of blood flows into their throat, thus energizing the thyroid glands in them.
3. If there are any problems related to sexual health even that is looked into and cured Bu the regular practice of Sarvangasana.
4. Any problems which arise in the ears, nose and throat as well get sorted by practicing the Sarvangasana.
5. Any disease which bothers our bottom or affects and invokes pain in our heels also get sorted by the regular practice of this asana.
6. When hair fall is bothering is to the core and we are just fed up with premature greying of our hair, sarvangasana is the posture that has our back and with the persistent practice of this soap, we can definitely control these problems.
7. If there are any problems and diseases which develop near the groin, specifically hernia, this asana can definitely come handy and help the person to be cured.
8. When we are very distressed to reduce weight and maintain a certain body weight to remain fit, on of the most effective remedies would be the daily practice of Sarvangasana as this would help in controlling both.
9. This asana sorts out gynaecological issues like menstrual disorder, frequent abortions, leucorrhoea and infertility in women when practiced regularly.
10. This asana is a good news for all the patients who suffer from chronic diseases and helps them recover their lost strength.
11. If a person suffers from kidney disorders and also has urine problems, even that is cured and made to function properly.
12. This asana helps cure the problems in the eyesight, cures hearing problems and also improves the nasal power of a person when practiced regularly.
13. Diseases like leukaemia and other skin diseases are made to heal with the regular practice of this asana.
14. Skin issues are also sorted like skin shrinkages, wrinkled skin, aged look and stiffness is also cured.
15. Other diseases like diarrhoea, asthma, liver problems, intestinal problems, constipation, varicose veins and insomnia are also healed.

So add Sarvangasana in your daily yoga routine and don’t forget to comment if you liked my article.

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