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Yoga is not just a remedy to get away from the devastating diseases and stay fit but it is also perceived as a way of life. When people keeps practicing the simple exercises of yoga for quite some time, they are eligible to go to the next level and try the exercises which are apt for the advance level practice. Chakrasana or the posture in which we bend at our back like a wheel has a lot of health benefits which purifies our mind, body and soul.

Chakrasana is also known as Urdhva Dhanurasana or the upward facing bow pose which unlocks the chakra or the wheel of the heart and strengthens the body, ensures a healthy mind and purifies the soul. This asana mainly works in keeping the nerves in place and protects the spine to be healthy.

Let us have a detailed look into the health benefits of this excellent posture to our body.

1. Unfurls the chakra of the heart and let’s the yogi understand the true power of live, kindness and happiness. This asana makes people realize the true essence of love. This makes the heart wind up the inner injuries and come into a state of equilibrium with the energies treasuring the interconnectivity with life.

2. If we show perseverance in conducting chakrasana regularly, then it makes the nervous system stable and triggers the parasympathetic nervous system by diminishing symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. It slogs and calms down the mind, balances the nervous system, and makes us rest in a peaceful state.

3. Chakrasana is a natural energy provider to the body and mind and whenever we feel low, it had the potential to uplift the energy levels and bring vigour, stamina, energy and strength. This posture unlocks the vital energy centres of the body and lets the energy travel through the body to regenerate the vitality quotient in the Yogi.

4. It benefits the thyroid glands by releasing the hormones which makes the pituitary glands instigate the thyroid glands keeping it healthy.
5. Chakrasana stretches the upper and the lower back while the Yogi performs the pose and provides a good solution to back ache pains and other back health related issues.

6. This pose makes the vertebrae strong and increases the elasticity and flexibility of the spinal cord keeping it healthy and in shape.

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7. Chakrasana actually opens the lungs and makes it strong intensifying the oxygen content and making the rib cage strong. While the Yogi inhales and exhales in a prolonged manner it actually heals the breathing issues of the Asthma patients.

8. When we stretch to attain the wheel pose, the fat and muscles are also stretched at the oblique areas and we lose the fat most naturally. If we practice this regularly, we will see that the abdominal muscles are strengthened and we eventually get a toned body.

9. This pose increases movement in the hips and enables moment there keeping the hip and lower back strong and also reduces osteoporosis by making the bones strong.

So add Chakrasana in your daily yoga routine and don’t forget to comment if you liked my article.

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