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Those who know me do not need my introduction but who do not know me , I want to introduce myself to them that now a days I’m a SAHM but before Ajisth was born I was a teacher. To be loyal for as a mom , I left my job but it was my personal choice. I’m not saying that those who are doing job with baby they are not doing good. May be they would be great or better than me but everyone has his own choice and I choosed to be SAHM.

I’m a mom of 1.6 year old baby Ajisth. Teacher by profession and Blogger by passion. I have completed Masters and B.Ed with mathematics. Then I started teaching . As you all know now that I was a teacher so I know the importance of SETM Learning very well. Even I was a STEM student too.

Now a days STEM related carreers are some of the fastest growing and best paid of the 21st century and they often have the greatest potential for job growth. Do you know exactly ,what is stem learning. Ok let me explain first.

STEM learning –

STEM stand for science, technology, engineering, mathematics and encompasses a vast array of subject that fall into each of those terms. STEM is not just about maths learning or technology learning but it is a best way to ensure that students are exposed to math, science and technology throughout their educational career. So if you have studies chemistry , biology , physics , calculus , engineering or any other STEM subject. You will be a great asset to your school and the door of STEM related carreers always will be open for you. Also if you are good in STEM subjects , you can become a good STEM teacher to build good STEM students. As I mentioned earlier STEM learning starts at the age of 7 . So no need to waste time if your baby is already 7 or going to complete 7 you should think about STEM learning.

Why STEM Learning is important for kids –

There are so many so many carrer opportunities by STEM Learning . Like some are mentioned below in the picture.

There are so many benefits of STEM Learning . Going to share few points below about importance of STEM –

• If you want to raise a creative kid so STEM learning will help you because STEM learning helps to make your kids creative.

• STEM Learning works like a confidence booster. Your kids can communicate their ideas clearly by STEM learning.

• STEM learning is a brainstorming session. You can best inventions by STEM learning.

• STEM learning helps to stay current because of its vital knowledge.

• STEM learning helps to promote diversity.

• STEM learning is best for your kid’s carreer and helps to give them height income in future.

How can Skola help ?

Skola helps in Pre-STEM learning i.e- prepares a child for STEM learning. Skola’s ultimate purpose is to improve fine motor skills which certainly helps engineering, but more importantly using fingers helps children think clearly and enhances concentration and cognitive ability which is directly a STEM requirement.

For example : – cascade cars helps a child to understand cause and effect. This is where a child is exposed to science. It helps a child to register, process and comprehend.

Colour wheels encourages children to use fingers to rotate wheels and then find the matching colours which involves examination, observation analysis and discovery. This process is true for all Skola Toys and hence creates thinkers.

So now no need to think more . Raise a creative and innovative kid by STEM learning . Click here to order STEM learning toys for your kids . Skola have amazing and best collection of toys for your kids. Click on their website and choose best for your kids. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook too.

Disclaimer :-

This is a sponsored post but I shared my experience honesty .


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  1. I am hearing about STEM learning these days. But, I was not clear about. Thanks for your detailed article. It’s really a scientific way of learning. I must say my friends or relatives who have small kids about this learning process and about Skola too.

  2. When I was pregnent with my son, i was in a dicey about stem preservation. Your post i very helpful. Thanks

  3. I am reading a lot about a skola toys in these days and we have introduced this innovative can technology in their choice I will definitely check this out

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