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Welcome to Ajisth’s Mom style. Today, I want to discuss in a very important topic which we call stage fear.

Stage fear is extremely common, especially it is seen in children between ages 3-6 years. But this is not a problem that can affect your abilities. Children participate in several exciting activities such as elocution, dancing, singing, drama, acting & so much more. They fear to expose themselves & children become fearful as well as anxious. So, children cry on the stage. According to Isabel Allende, “Fear is inevitable, I have to accept that, but I cannot allow it to paralyze me.” Indeed. Children or adult, anyone, must not fear to present their skills & extreme hard work on the stage. Having self-motivation & self-confidence is extremely important to reduce fear.

Now to reduce the stage fear, check out some of the effective and useful ways I have shared:

Don’t Panic:

Explain to your child that you should not have any kind of panic in your mind because of your performance. It’s just a stage performance. Little kids cry when they get afraid or anxious. Same happens on the stage. While performing any dancing or acting, it is necessary to practice certain times to gain perfection & it is also very helpful to practice mock activity on the stage before the competition. This will reduce kids’ fear & anxiety at a greater level.

Individuals have come to see your performance & applaud you:

Tell to your child that all people have come to see and appreciate your performance, not to decide that you did good or bad. Kids are natural & they get a fear to perform on the stage. Parents should motivate their child that imagine, the auditorium is full of people especially have come to watch your performance & you do it best. Then people will applaud for you & appreciate your performance. This is extremely important for parents to give their kids confidence about their performances.

Positive Thoughts:

Be positive with your child and motivate them that you are fully prepared and you will be performing well. Kids have a wavering mind. So, they produce mixed thoughts about their performances & they start to feel little nervous. Parents must try to motivate them a lot with positive thoughts. They will surely excel in their performances. A kid must remove his fear & think positively. Everything will be good in the end.

Don’t rush your presentation:

Kids are hasty & they tend to do or think anything they like. They rush to finish their works but end up messing everything. So, it is the responsibility of their parents & teachers to keep them motivating & explain them to perform at a slower speed. One can crack jokes during moments of tension & nervousness.

Parents Performance Stories will help:

Kids are innocent & so they fear the exams or performance especially if it’s the first time. In such a situation, tell your children about your stage performance stories which will help to strengthen their will power to perform in the stage. This reduces their overall fear & they try to perform better during their performances.

Stand Straight & Look at the audience :

Parents must explain to their child that stage performance is just an activity in which you have to give your performance by looking at the front with smiling face.

There are several other ways to keep kid’s focus on the performance & also reduce their stage fear to a greater extent.

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