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We all want a new hairstyle everyday . People whose hair is straight, want curly hair and those who have curly hair they want straight . Some people like black hair and some red . Some people have short hair but they like long hair. But according to our choice and trends we cannot do much experiment with our hair . Clip in hair extensions is the best solution for these all problems. Anytime you can get hairstyles and hair colour according to your choice with hair length and thickness even without damaging your hair.

here are some advantages of clip in hair extensions :-

✓ Clip in extensions can provide an immediate transformation to your physical appearance. They are convenient and may alter the length, thickness and hue of the hair . Unlike permanent extensions they may be fitted in your own home within a few minutes with no need of an costly beautician. You may also cost nothing of experimenting yourself with various colours and lengths to obtain the look that you would like.

Clip in extensions are non unhealthy for hair, unlike the greater permanent extensions which require glues and bonds to repair your hair. These chemicals may cause hair to get broken and also to eventually discontinue. Also because you don’t sleep inside your Clip in extensions they’re less inclined to become broken unlike the permanent ones.

Clip in extensions can be used as special events instead of constantly and should be temporary. They can be used as occasions much like your wedding , a warm date or if you wish to shine at the promenade. There are plenty of occasions they can be used as, heaven may be the limit. You could have short hair eventually and flowing hair the following. You may also have blonde highlights or use funky colours for example blue, pink or crimson. This will depend around the occasion and also the look you need to achieve.

✓ When compared with permanent extensions, clip in extensions end up being much less costly. A persons hair, clip in extensions, can nonetheless be costly however, you save a lot of money by putting hair extensions in yourself. Hairstylists ask you for to possess then place in along with month later you will have to pay to possess them removed without any be certain that hair won’t be broken after they are out.

✓ Clip in extensions keep going longer because you don’t put on them constantly. If you are using them for Special events and take care of them when you’re not putting on them, they ought to last a lengthy time. Permanent extensions however won’t last as lengthy also it can become an costly process.

So if you wish to test out your thing and wish to alter the length as well as hue of hair for a special event, try clip in extensions first prior to going for that more permanent type. That method for you to convey more concept of that which you like and just what styles will fit you without wasting money. For a good way to right away add length and thickness try clip in extensions.

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  1. I have recently started experimenting with hair extensions since Bblunt came into the market with their colorful clip on extensions. Surprisingly my 8 year old daughter saw it and insisted we try it. I love it! It’s safe, non-evasive and yet trendy and cool!

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