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Hope you all will be good. So today I will introduce you to a very trusted cloth diapers brand which name is Waah baby cloth diapers . I am using their Cloth Diaper from last two months and I find that diaper is realy very good . Now I’m going to share my views about diapers. I hope you also like this Cloth Diaper brand like me.

If you are following me on Instagram and Facebook so you might know how we love to use cloth diapers. Now I can say nothing is better than cloth diapers for my baby’s bum ?

Cloth diaper :

A cloth diaper is a reusable diaper made from natural fibres, man made materials. Cloth diapers reduce baby’s exposure to harmful chemicals.

Why cloth diapers :

cloth diapers are eco-friendly , resumable , washable and safe for baby.

cloth diapers reduce baby’s exposure to harmful chemicals present in disposable diapers.

cloth diapers are made of soft, stay-dry fabrics on the inside to keep the baby’s skin dry.

In cloth diapers the inserts are made of absorbent fabric and the outer layer is waterproof to prevent diaper leaks.

About waah baby cloth diapers :

waah baby cloth diaper is one of the best cloth diaper brand to keep your baby dry with style. They launches cloth diapers for babies from 3kg to 15 kg. They have different varieties of cloth diapers like Micro-suede Inner, Charcoal Bamboo Inner and All-In-One Charcoal Bamboo Inner cloth diapers. Waah baby cloth diaper come in variety of beautiful colours and cute print . The aim of the brand is to hear from everyone’s mouth ” waah baby” .

My experience :

I’m using waah baby cloth diaper from last two months for my 1.6 year old baby and I personally liked it. The diaper is really so soft and fit to my baby, No size issue the best thing . Along with this I love the quality and colour of the diaper . I received a beautiful owl printed all-in-one cloth diaper and when I saw it first I said – too cute … Yes diaper is really cute and comfortable too . Overall I’m loving it.

Why I recommend this :

Yes I’m recommending this cloth diaper brand for your lil one because i personally liked it . The quality , fabric , print and colour everything is very good of their cloth diaper . No complain after wash too. Using their diaper from last two months but still diaper looks like new . You can say waah baby is one of best cloth diaper brand . So if you are a Mom or mom-to-be you should check their page once and order too . I’m sure you would love their collection and quality.

Price : ₹ 650 /-

My rating : 4.5/5

How to connect :

you contact them on Facebook or make a call on 9930957963

Disclaimer :

This is a sponsored post. I received this cloth diapers from the brand to share my experience by using but I have given my review honesty.

Share your experience with me about cloth diaper and stay tuned till the next post !!!

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9 thoughts on “Review : Waah baby All-In-One (AIO) cloth diapers”

  1. I am using these cloth Dipars for my little son. And i am very with the results also as there are super soft and best for babies soft skin. Havent use this brand yet but it also looks great with fine fabric , and its print is also pretty cool. Like your review and will try this brand also.

  2. Great Review. I am using these cloth diapers before for my kids. and this is the best alternative for diapers because of its super soft and comfortable to wear.

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