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I recently came across an amazing product which is the part of my daily essentials now. 

I could not wait to review that product for you all.

We all crave bright skin, no matter what complexion we possess. There is a huge difference between having a fair skin and having a bright skin. 

The product I recently tried and going to review today is “Skinutra GVC White Lotion for bright skin” 

This lotion contains Antioxidant powder of Glutathione & vitamin C , which are very well known to protect the cells of our skin from the free radicals responsible for melanin production and skin blemishes.

Their key ingredient “Glutathione” treats uneven skin tone, age spot, skin patches, spots and wrinkles, as its an antioxidant powder. It has more benefits for skin like brightening it up and upbringing the natural glow, making it clean and clear.

Lets begin with the review now-

Brand: Skinutra

Product name: Skinutra GVC White Lotion for bright skin

Packaging: The product comes in a fine box packaging.

Price: It is priced at INR 1,599.

Availability: You can easily buy this from Amazon ( They’re offering discount currently,the offer price is INR 1,247)

My rating :- 4.5/5

you can see the instant fairness of my skin in the picture above after use the lotion

My Experience :- 

I’ve been using this lotion for more than a week and the results are remarkable. I’m glad I came through this product, its not only making my skin softer, but enhancing the glow as well. It easily blends into the skin, doesn’t make it look oily or patchy and results in softer, brighter and healthier skin. . Our skin becomes dull due to unhealthy lifestyle, and harmful pollutants in the air, this lotion brings our glow back and hydrates the skin well, and helps you regain the confidence. This brightening lotion works wonder when used on a regular basis.

Mentioning some pros and cons here-


1. It suits my skin very well and making it softer: I haven’t faced any issue with this lotion, its going well with my skin. The texture of the lotion is soft and blends easily.

2. Makes my skin look hydrated: It gives a natural glow to my skin which makes the skin look hydrated and bright. The natural glow which comes after applying this product is what every woman desires irrespective of her complexion.

3. No more scars: It is working effectively on decreasing scars, pores and pimples on my skin due to its antioxidant properties.

4. Mild smell: The smell of this product is neither irritating nor pleasing, it has a mild smell which is long lasting.

5. Doesn’t feel patchy: There are many lotions and creams that look patchy but this lotion is not ! It is soft and blends easily, doesn’t make it look patchy, uneven, or oily. 

6. Fine Texture: The texture of this lotion is very fine, soft and easy to blend. 


1. Doesn’t make You FAIR:

This product won’t make you fair, but how does that even matter? A woman is beautiful in her own skin and she should be. Brighter skin is all that makes one’s skin look attractive and this product will definitely give to healthier, brighter and glowing skin.

If you’re the one looking for the kind of product which will make your skin brighter and healthier, this product is for you.

Disclaimer :-

This is  a sponsored post but I have shared my thoughts and experience honestly.

Please share you thoughts about this post is the comment section below and stay tuned thill the next post.


11 thoughts on “Review : Skinutra GVC White Lotion for bright skin”

  1. This looks like a great product.Blemishes & dark spots is a big problem for so many people.Will recommend this one.Thanks for the review.

  2. I agree no product can alter your skin color and we should get over this myth now. The lotion certainly looks good since it works on scars and giving softer and brighter skin. Nice review.

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