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Hope you all will be good . So if you are following me then you must be know that my baby is a super active boy . He loves to play outdoors and can’t be sit quietly a single minute. But it is not possible, to let him play outdoors all the time. Now the question is that how should we keep busy our baby with indoors. Obviously Ans would be with toys. Yes with toys but what kind of toys?

Do you not think , how good would be if kids learn something with toys. I really love these types of toys from which children can learn something.

I recently received a wooden Geometry Twins Maze from skola toys . And I can’t tell you how much I liked that toy. I never imagined that at this age children can learn so much from toys. But after receiving this toy I knew how important toy is to children and how children can learn by toys . Along with learning toy, it is also safe for my baby because it is made of wood. Now let me explain about Geometry Twins Maze .

About Geometry Twins Maze from skola :

It’s a toy in which kids can move the geometric shapes through the curved petals of the pretty flower to find their identical pairs.

The Maze has 3 straight and 3 curved shapes. Children begin understanding shapes by pairing and identifying abject that have a similar physical appearance. With this attractive flower shaped toy, children get excited over moving the correct pieces through the petal grooves in order to match the identical shapes. Overall the Maze is fun and challenging and kids will love it.

How to play :

By Maze kids can enjoy these two activities –

1) Identical Pairing

2) Name Game

1) Identical Pairing :

First show your baby how to set the centre to any position.

Then take any of one shape like triangle.

Tell to your kid it’s a triangle.

Show to your kid how find the matching triangle and place it on the slot next to the triangle .

Tell to your kid how to move the shapes around on the Maze.

Now let them find matching shapes.

2) Name Game :

After being familiar with toy

• You can introduce your baby to all the shapes of toys.

• Tell the names of all the 6 shapes of toy to your baby.

• Ask them to identify .

They will use their extra mind to play this game.

My Experience :

As you know my son is only 1.6 year old so he is not able to do second activity with the Maze but he loves to do first activity with Maze. He is enjoying this game and learning too . From last 3-4 days I find now he is clearly able to find the perfect match of every geometric shape. Along with this he loves to move the geometric shapes through the curved petals . I’ll start second activity too with him after 3-4 months. Overall I totally love this toy and my baby too. One more best quality I want to tell you about this brand that why I like it so much because their toys are environment friendly and made by wood . A best, safe and quality based toy’s option for kids. So if you are thinking of buying a learning toy , check their website once . I’m sure you will pick one for your baby.

Why I recommend Geometry Twins Maze from skola for your kid :

• It helps in the development of various skills in your child.

It helps children visually analyse and compare shapes.

kids can learn about Geometry at very young age by isolating the physical property of shape.

• It helps to build their attention span and concentration.

It helps to increase your kid’s problem solving skill.

A Maze helps to increase your kid’s logical analysis.

Age : 1.5+

Price : ₹ 795

How to buy : click here to buy the Geometry Twins Maze or click here to buy any of skola Product along with this You can contact them on their Facebook and instagram page to buy any of their products.

My ratings : 4.8/5

Share your experiences with me about learning toys and suggest me also if you have something related to learning toys for my son .

Disclaimer :- This is a sponsored post. I received this beautiful Geometry Twins Maze from the brand to share my experience by using but I have given my review honesty after use.


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  1. Today’s kids are so lucky to have access to such wonderful educational toys. Thanks for the lovely review.

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