REJCTX – a fast-paced thriller, the unending anxiety among the youngster and lots beyond that. The Indian digital space has been filled with prodigious and massive reality shows. The Indian digital TV space has an impressive assortment of TV series with diversified genres and outstanding storylines. 

Despite the massive triumph these years, there is one genre that is not so usually represented or highlighted in the Indian Entertainment space, it is the smartest and youngest generation of India and their bizarre lifestyle. There are innumerable TV series that highlights this concept like 13 Reasons Why? , Sex Education, Stranger Things and many more that Indian adults can freely watch on their laptops, desktops or smartphones.

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The similar one is REJCTX and the same is streaming on ZEE5. Directed and Written by the prominent filmmaker Goldie Behl, REJCTX is the entertaining TV series for all the mean girls, high school youngsters and youngsters with similar ilk. REJCTX is a 10 episode Indian web series telecasted on Zee5. It is a super show display and reveals everything such as being a teenager today. The show is full of adolescent lives, crush, love, sex scenes, juvenile insecurities, rivalries, fights and lots of controversies make it more interesting. It is indeed a roller coaster ride of murder, lies, romance, love, sex and secrets. 

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The season 2 of REJCTX series has been released on May 14, 2020. The school therapist Anushka Rao aka Kubbra Sait gets assassinated and we can catch Esha Gupta as Officer Rene, Tanvi Shinde as Yasha, Anisha Victor as Kiara and Sumeet Vyas. Esha Gupta and Sumeet Vyas are investigating Anushka Rao’s death. Meanwhile, there is an interesting character named Mr. X. It is indeed interesting to watch out him and his mysterious ways as he does not reveal his identity in order to expose REJCTX every minute secret. Investigators and others have no clue who is exactly blackmailing them. Wish to know the mysterious character Mr.X? Then catch REJCTX as there is a lot more spontaneity in this TV Series. 

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Aarav and his friends are been blackmailed by Mr.X whereas, Officer Rene discovers that Aarav and Anushka were in love relation. So, she has a doubt about Aarav. Also, Aarav was in a relationship with Kiara when entered the school. This season has a lot of mysterious and exciting scenes played by several members. The school kids are facing several emotional challenges like depression, social rejection and isolation. However, school kids have a strengthening friendship. Do you want to see what real friendship looks like? REJCTX is the perfect example of teen friendship only on ZEE5. 

There is a lot more inside season 2 and this season is definitely more interesting than the previous one. There has been a lot of schools and college-based TV Shows around us and REJCTX is one of the series that will update your playlist with their thrilling mysterious music and we definitely want to hear it again and again. 


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