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Today I’m going to talk about Braids.
Braids have been in trend since forever!
Along with looking and keeping it stylish, they also make a person look graceful and protect the hair. Braids are for all, from a kid to an adult, everyone can rock the braided hairstyle.
Now without wasting any more time, I would like to Jump to the best seve braided hairstyles you must try in 2018:

1: Braids with a side part :

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Side part your hair, and make braid of the hair parted, braid it till the end and leave a little hair. Then loosen the hair from another side and you’re ready with side parted braids. Keep it messy to give an attractive look. This look goes best with casual day out and college going students.

2. Braids and Bantu Knots:

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There were days when you had to choose wither braids or bantu knots. Its time to do them together.Yes you read that right, you can easily make the braids and bantu knots together and they look super cool. Just braid your hair, and roll up the extensions to form the Bantu Knots.

3. Side Dutch Braid:

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Dutch braid is the reverse of the normal braids we make. These braids are simple, easy to do, and look elegant. Simplest way to do dutch braid is to reverse how we make normal braid. Side part your hair and dutch braid it , loosen the braid and hair, and you’re ready to rock. Don’t forget to fix it with hair spray.

4. Braided hair band:

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Take approximately one to two inches of hair from back of your ear, and braid it thin. Braid it finely from both the sides and wrap it around your head like a hair band. So here you get your DIY Hair band that goes well with your hair texture and is made of your own hair.

5. Fishtail pony:

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Fishtail braid is another braid pattern which is famous among many and make a beautiful hairstyle for party and special occassions. Make a cute fishtail pony and decorate it with beads and other hair accessories, and you are ready to rock the party with your amazing look.

6. Rope Braid:

Put your hair into a ponytail and create two sections and twist each one in the same direction. Cross the two sections over each other and tie it with an elastic band. Your rope braid is ready, for a casual day out.

7. Braid bun:

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Dutch braid the top half of your hair from the temples to back of head and secure each braid . cris cross them at the back of hair and clip them up. After that braid the remaining bottom in three strand braid and wrap it into a bun. Decorate it with beads if you want to, and you are all set to turn the heads with your looks.

These were some of the amazing must try braid hairstyles in 2018.

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  1. I love dutch braids. It is super easy and perfect for any outfit. But definitely wanna try Braid Bun. Hope it turn out well. Thanks for sharing so many different types ?

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