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Welcome to Ajisth’s Mom Style. Today I’m here with the review of new launched Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Wipes.

Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are made for the comfort of moms as well as their little kids. These mother Sparsh water wipes are manufactured for the soft & delicate skin of your babies. Mother Sparsh Water Wipes has 99% pure water along with natural fabrics of the plant. These elements make the Mother Sparsh baby water wipes very soft like cotton & water. These water wipes are very soft, clean & sensitive to skin. These water wipes prevent allergies, rashes, redness & infections in little kids. Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are cent percent biodegradable that makes the environment-friendly & peaceful.

Features of Mother Sparsh 99% Water Wipes:

• Mother Sparsh Water Wipes have almost 99% of water.
• These water wipes are clinically proven & these also prevent rashes, redness, allergies & infections.
• The water wipes are recommended for usage since the birth of the kids.
• These water wipes are 100% biodegradable & natural.
• Water wipes do not contain parabens, alcohol or any kind of harmful elements.
• The structure of the water wipes are velvet & contains the soft fabric.
• These water wipes are certified safe & suitable for sensitive skins.
• Water Wipes are medical grade clothes that gently wipe the sensitive skin of the little ones. These water wipes ware extra thick fabric or 3 times thicker than usual baby wipes. Also, these are 99% water wipes.

Price and Availability:

Mother Sparsh 99% pure water wipes are easily available on Amazon at affordable prices, just Rs.188 for 72 pieces.

Why I Recommend Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Wipes:

I’ve been using Mother Sparsh Wipes for my son for a long time. I did a flame test to check brand’s claims. And I was always satisfied with their results. Dermatologically tested, chemical free, made with only water and cotton. What can be better than this for baby? And now when Mother Sparsh launched 99% pure water wipes, Then what do you think? should we need to think about other polyester wipes? Always choose best and natural for your baby like Mother Sparsh 99% pure water wipes.

About New Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Wipes :

Now I would like to share how Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Wipes are different from other wipes –

• Extra Gentle Wipes Perfect for Neonate Sensitive Skin: Mother Sparsh 99% Water Wipes are designed for very sensitive skin of the newborn babies. These water wipes include finest fabric natural plants, 99% pure water & free from hazardous chemicals.
• Unscented Baby Wipes: These water wipes are fragrance-free & do not contain parabens, alcohol & any other harmful elements. These also do not possess harmful fragrances that affect the skin.
• Plastic Lid for Perfect Moisture Lock: The water wipes are very easy to carry anywhere & light in weight. These come with a plastic lid & also contain moisture that also prevents germs or dirt.
• Medical Grade Cloth/Plant-derived Fabric: The water wipes are made up with fabric which contains natural plants that contain optimum thickness & sensitiveness which makes the baby’s skin soft.
• Suitable for face, hands & body: Mother Sparsh 99% water wipes are medically tested & it possesses natural waters along with natural elements that are very suitable for face, body, hands & sensitive body parts of the baby.

There is no doubt that Mother Sparsh 99% Water wipes are quality product & it all contains the natural fabric of plants. This helps in gentling the sensitive skin of your baby. Mother Sparsh 99% Water Wipes do not possess plastic, petrochemicals fabric. They contain super soft fabric plant that helps in keeping the baby’s skin gentle.To give the best care to a child, using the best quality products like Mother Sparsh Pure Water Wipes is a good choice.

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