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If you are following me on Instagram so you must have seen , a couple of days ago I posted a picture of Moong dal laddoo. And then I got lots of DM for recipe. So I decided to write Moong dal laddoo recipe on my blog post.

I am not a best cook but I’m not bad too , I hope that my recipe will work for you.

Moong dal laddoo can be made in two types. some people like to roast dry moong dal first and then grind but some people like to grind soaked dal first and then roast.

I’m going to use second method here-

Recipe : Moong dal laddoo

Recipe Type : Indian sweet

For 15 to 16 laddoo

Time – 70min

Ingredients :

Moong dal : 200gms

Jaggery : 250gms

Ghee : 200gms

Almond : 50gms

Cashews : 50gms

cardamom : 8-10

Pistachios : 8-10

Method :

• Soak moong dal in water for 3-4 hours . Wash it with water and grind it with mixie.

• Make almonds powder by mixie, cut cashew nuts into small pieces, make Slice of pistachios in length and make cardamom powder too.

• Put ghee in a pan and fry moong dal in a medium low flame until the color of the pulse starts to change, the ghee looks different from the dal and the good smell also starts to come .

• Now dal is ready ( to roast it, will take 25 minutes). Turn off the gas and let it be cool in a bowl .

• When the dal is lightly cooled, add almond powder, chopped cashews, jaggery (You can adjust the amount of jaggery as per your liking’s.) , cardamom powder and turmeric and mix all the ingredients to the best. This mixture has been prepared to make laddoos.

• Take a little mixture in the hands and make small balls of the mixture to make it laddoo and keep it in the plate.

• Garnish laddoos from pistachios. ( Not necessary, if you are making it for your baby )

? Put these laddoos in an air tight bins, you can eat them till 20-25 days.

? Always check with your doctor before giving any new food to your baby.

? Make sure to introduce everything separate to your baby before you try this moong dal ladoo.

Share your views with me about this healthy snacks and share your healthy recipes too with me.

Stay tuned till next post !!

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  1. I just love moong daal halwa. Its my favourite sweet dish specially during winters. And these moong daal ladoo also looks too yummy and best healthy option for kiddos too. Thanks for sharing its recipe.

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