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As you all know that I love playing with my son all the time but sometimes due to some reasons, I am unable to do so. In such situations, it is very difficult for me to keep my son engaged. So I allow him little screen time for his entertainment. But I always keep in mind that screen time must have some learning experience with it. Recently I found out about Lipa Land app. And hurray! I found the solution to my problem! Now he can do physical and mental activities together.

About Lipa Land:

Lipa Land is a curriculum based app for early childhood development which is specially designed to keep your kids engaged with healthy development of mind and body. It also gives many ideas to engage the family with their kids. When kids play Lipa Land, they will be encouraged enough to explore the world outside the digital platform. It is actually a learning app developed by several educational experts & is officially approved by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

Features of Lipa Land Application :

Lipa Land is one of the most entertaining as well as learning applications for parents, children & entire family. It contains several activities for their entertainment as well as learning. It turns digital time into real life adventures. So one need not worry about the family time, inappropriate content and your kids playing mindless or violent games.

· One can perform family activities such as crafts, games, stories, experiments & many more.

· Several tips of self-development, parenting as well as child development.

· The Lipa Land app has exciting & funny topics such as fairy tales, cars & many more.

· Free new premium games can be played almost every month.

· Child learning section is easy-to-use & development progress tracking.

Quality and added value of the app :

There are several more exciting features added that increases the use of Lipa Land. The app currently has 5 Worlds or themes – Kingdom, Wizards, Universe, City and Pirates. There are 12 Worlds in total and will be released regularly. Some examples are:

· conduct trains, traffic lights, information on cars.

· Kids can meet young new creatures, also dive into sunken ships.

· Kids can also enjoy the sailing with sea pirates on the large oceans

· Kids can also travel to fairytale castles, have dinner with royal princesses, and visit magic quests with knight.

Children’s use of technology in general :

I think Lipa Land is a necessity for preschool kids. This is because they need to learn alphabets, poems, rhythm & much more. However, along with that, children can learn real world skills such as:

· Social-Emotional Stability: Children will be able to shape their social skills, ethics, values as well as they will receive emotional competence.

· Physical Wellness: Children will learn gross motor skills, fine motor skills & many more

· History & Culture: Kids will gain in-depth knowledge in the field of culture, history, philosophy & many more subjects.

· Academic Competence is one of the main things kids will learn & these include languages, mathematics, arts, science, ESL & many more.

· Hygiene & Safety, Environmental Awareness, Healthy Lifestyle, Autonomic Capabilities & many more skills.

The above all have several classes or sections of learning such as loving & admiration of nature, creativity, logical thinking, outdoor safety, body care & several other things.

Now my little one has a lot to explore and learn with Lipa Land. This is the reason for me being a Lipa Land mama now because we are completely in love with it. All my dear mothers, give it a try because Lipa Land is much more than mere a kids’ app. This is one of the best apps that help kids and families to learn together, explore different digital environments and enjoy family time with much more fun. Visit https://lipaland.app.link/JxX603zNoS and become a Lipa Land parent, just like me!

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