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So here its again International Yoga Day, 21st June and It’s time to rejuvenate your minds and make it calm. The word Yoga refers to physical, mental and spiritual practices done since ancient ages. Yoga has gained a much recognition in the modern resurgence but it is practiced worldwide. When you think about the Yoga activity, you think about legging clad women in the yoga classes or some Yoga Gurus. Well, everyone imagines the same. But Yoga is all together the different activity that not only keeps the mind stable but also boosts our inner confidence and help us to make our health well.
On 21st June, 2019, the whole world is set to make celebration of the Fifth International Yoga Day and this Yoga Day was specially declared by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on December 2014. “Shripad Yesso Naik”, the Union Minister said that that the theme for 2k19 International Yoga Day will be “Yoga for Heart”. This event will be held in Ranchi, Jharkhand and Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also be attending the same.Looking for the reasons for why to try Yoga? Yoga is performed almost every day by many people becausec of the benefits of Yoga such as:

1. It is undeniable to say that Yoga is the true healer of mind and body. It is a wonderful art activity that improves health, heal aches and pains and also keep sickness away.2. Yoga helps in providing both gratification as well as lasting transformation. Moreover, it can reduce overall stress level and multiple studies show that Yoga lowers stress, anxiety, and depression.

3. Yoga further decreases depression and also helps in reducing the anxiety level. As per studies, almost 34 women were able to recover themselves from the anxiety problems by performing Yoga on a regular basis.

4. In addition to reducing stress and anxiety, Yoga helps in improving the mental health and also it reduces inflammation. Inflammation is generally a normal immune response which can contribute to heart diseases, diabetes and sometimes even cancer. Studies show that 12-14 weeks of yoga practice can surely help a person to reduce inflammatory and give relief to several people.

5. Heart health is definitely solved by the Yoga practice. From pumping blood to supplying tissues with vital nutrients, everything is regularized by the Yoga practice and also it helps in increasing the life of a person by 5 long years.6. It also helps a person to reduce total cholesterol level from the body by 24% and also it reduces 26% fats. Almost, 47% of people solved their heart diseases via Yoga.7. Yoga further helps a person in improving the quality of life and it significantly rejuvenates the mood and overall lifestyle. It decreases vomiting, fatigue and faint problems.

So, why to wait longer? Join the enormous league on this International Yoga Day and smoothen the life path with Yoga and make it worth living.

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