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Wedding is a once in a lifetime kind of function and you put your everything in looking a perfect bride. From designer wedding lehenga to heavy jewellery, you take inspirations from your B-town favourite stars. Especially when it comes to jewellery, you finalize only one particular set from a lot of options. All those heavy and expensive online mangalsutras you ordered with so much love are just kept in your wardrobe waiting for some day when you can wear them.

Here are a few ways to use your bridal jewellery again as contemporary one and rock it with western outfits:

1. Chura / Broad Bangles

Women bangles hold a symbolic value for Indian married women. That big and broad heavy bangles set are way too heavy to wear in regular days but you must have put your money and efforts to wear them not to lock them in your jewellery collection. Try matching these red chura/broad bangles with western outfits and they can surely give you a rocking look. These red bangles will enhance the beauty of your outfit and make you a modern married woman!

2. Mangalsutra 

Keeping those old Indian traditions in mind you bought this gold heavy mangalsutra and it just came out of your wardrobe when you wear something ethnic, and that’s too once in a long while. But with the evolving fashion era you can try the same heavy mangalsutra with western attires as well. Get that mangalsutra out and match it up with some black crop top or with boat or deep neck top. You can also look for online mangalsutras and customize the length as per your need. 

3. Maatha Patti 

These maangtikkas and maathapattis are back in fashion with a big way. Matching these beautiful Kundan or pearl jewel pieces with any mermaid shaped gown or any western dress can be a great idea as this will be a perfect hair accessory for you. If you want a proper Indo-western look just go for these maathapattis and glam the look. They can come handy in your bad hair day or when you have no time to make bun in a wedding. 

4. Haath Phool

Haath Phool is something like women bangles with attached to finger rings. They look amazing when bride wears them on their wedding but other than that they too need a special occasion or heavy ethnic outfits to go with. Try matching it with embellished gown or other embellished outfit and add a feather to your cap with it. They won’t only enhance the beauty of your hands but also give you a different look for any occasion or gala. 

From elaborate necklaces, raani haars, vintage naths and oversized maangtikas…it’s hard to take your eyes off it all. And you buy it! But after wearing these costly jewellery pieces you don’t find enough functions or occasions to use your bridal jewellery again. Get your bridal jewellery pieces out of the box, mix-match with western outfits and rock it like a true diva!

Share your ideas with me how you used your wedding jewellery?

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16 thoughts on “How to use your Lavish Bridal Jewellery again!!”

  1. Not a fan of jewellery. In fact, I hardly wear any but those pictures look absolutely amazing. The Chura/Broad bangles and the Maatha Patti are my favorite. 🙂

  2. This is such a creative blog post! I love the jewelry and think your ideas on repurposing them for events is great!

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