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Valentine’s day is a very special day for all when people express their feelings of love , affection and friendship for another . It is celebrated on 14 February in various ways throughout the world each year. Everyone wants to make valentine’s day more special and memorable for their partner. Have you planned anything for this Valentine’s day?

I know everything is available in the market but happiness not comes from the market. You can create happiness with your loved ones. So in this valentine’s day try to do something different with the help of your efforts and heart , which will touch your husband’s heart. The meaning of surprises is not always expensive gifts and parties. Sometimes you can win your loved ones heart with small effort.

To make this valentine’s day more memorable,surprise to your spouse and tell how important are you in my life. Now the question is how? Check below … I’ve shared some simple but amazing tips to impress your partner.

5 simple way to surprise your spouse with small effort and make your valentine’s day more special .

1) DIY Bedroom Decoration

Bedroom decoration is one of important part of valentine’s day to impress & surprise your husband. So decorate your room with your heart and small effort. Be creative do DIY work for the decoration . Heart theme is the best for valentine’s day decoration . You can take colourful and glitter papers for DIY work. As I decorated my room in our last valentine’s day to give him surprise. Decorate walls and doors to make your room dreamland. You can use candles instead of bulbs for the room light. I promise when your husband enters the room,he will be very happy and will consider himself the luckiest husband of the world.

2) Prepare Special Dinner

Bedroom decoration was the first but don’t forget to cook something special for him on that day with decoration. Because it has been said that ” the way of man’s heart passes through his stomach.” I know now you are thinking that I’m kidding but not at all. It is true that the biggest surprise and the best gift for him is only and only delicious dishes. So on this V. Day prepare his favourite dishes and be creative with these to present infront of him according to V. Day theme. You can use strawberry as a heart or you can make heart with the help of different type of veggies and fruits as salad . And make your dinner table more attractive.

3) Dining Table Decoration

As I told you earlier that the way of man’s heart passes through his stomach. So if you please your husband then you will have to cook very tasty and will have to present it in a very good manner. And for the presentation decorate your dining table according the V. Day theme. Your little effort can make your dining table a best place to spend time together. Where you can share your feelings with your delicious dishes. You can make your own menu card according to your dishes as I made in my last valentine’s day. Bake a cute little cake for him . Put some flowers and chocolates on the table. Now enjoy your day with your love.

4) Get Ready For Him

I know as mother we do not have time to take care of ourselves but as we are doing lots of things to impress our hubby in this special day then how we can forget this important part . You can get ready according to your choice and this valentine’s day with a good mother , be a perfect wife also. So get ready for him only, in the occasion of love.

5) Gift

Last but very important part for this special day . Gifts are the things that can make your special day more special. Because everyone loves gifts. But for this it is not necessary that your gift must be expensive. Show your creativity ..You can make a handmade V. Day card for him and put a love later inside the card. I swear nothing can be romantic more than this . I’m sure he will love this. Along with this you can make a bouquet with the help of fresh flowers from your garden and no need to purchase from the market , you can make it by ourselves. Another option is simply you can give him a single red rose with a warm kiss ? what can be better than this.

If you still want to give a gift from market to your hubby , then go and buy whatever you want to gift him. Afterall it’s your day so enjoy it according to you. You can do whatever you want do for him. There are lots of amazing gift options in the market. You can choose a gift according to your or his choice.

At the end of the day play music but music should be romantic and voice slow with candle lights. Then enjoy your dinner with your love . Treat him as a King, to become his Queen forever.


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  1. Great ideas , I am not good cook but will still.try to make something that he will love . Love the decorative

  2. These are superb ideas to surprise the man! I wish I had so much patience for all the DIY. But certainly I would love to cook something special. And that menu card is total love!

  3. Awesome, my man will be on the moon, if I surprise him with such an amazing valentine’s day dinner/special menu. Loved your idea of DIY bedroom decor.

  4. The decorations look so good, I feel like keeping it all for myself. That’s a great way to make Valentine’s Day special and memorable.

  5. Great ideas, going to try it out. Truely said expensive gift does not express your love but feeling does. Thanks for sharing lovely ideas.

  6. These are some awesome Valentine’s Day surprise for him. I love the heart shape of the dish it looks really cute.

  7. Really simply superb ideas to make celebrate VALENTINE DAY for your love ❀️❀️ Definitely try this one

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