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Welcome to our blog train – ” How motherhood has changed me” . This post is part of this blog train started by Pooja Kawatra of Mums& babies. Pooja has also shared her own views on motherhood here. Pooja has networked to bring together 41 amazing moms across the globe. You can meet our all 41 amazing mombloggers who are the part of this blog train here.

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Motherhood :

The meaning of being a mother is virtually endless.There are lots of changes happen in every mom’s motherhood journey . There have been many changes with me too that I want to share with you.

I was a bubbly girl but now I’m a responsible Mom . Thanks Ajisth to make me a responsible person.

Motherhood has changed to me from my head to toe. But I love these changes. For me being a Mom is not job and not motherhood is a burden . It’s also a good phase of life. That’s why I’m enjoying motherhood .

So now I am going to share some minor and major points that how motherhood has changed me …

Some minor changes :

Got stitch on my tummy

Now I can woke up without alarm

Now I know how to ready within 10 min .

• Now I love messy bun instead of stylish hairstyle.

• Diaper bag has taken the place of my handbag.

• Now I used to a messy house .I am cleaning 3 or 4 times in a day . Now It is impossible to keep the house clean .

• I loved sleeping too much but now I know how I have to handle everything with only 2 to 3 hours sleep.

• Cartoon network has taken the place of my romantic movies.

• To lead by example , I started healthy eating habits . whereas I love pizza and other junk foods.

Few changes I have written above but I have a long list of changes like this by motherhood. ?

Some Major changes for lifetime :

Positivity : Before the birth of Ajisth I was slightly negative but now after Ajisth I have a positive outlook. Now I can take a positive decision for me and for my baby without anyone’s help

Patience : As we all knows Patience is the synonyms of Parenting and if you are a Mom you know that your patience is tested every single day. I’m happy that I passed this test. Thanks Ajisth for this lifetime change.

Power : Yes I got more power by motherhood . My son is my power . Now I can do everything with help of my power . Whenever i see my son I think that i am the most lucky person in the world . And now everything would be easy for me with my son .

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Share your thoughts with me that how motherhood changed you?


38 thoughts on “How Motherhood has changed me : A journey from a Bubbly girl to becoming a Responsible mother…”

  1. Beautiful pics and quite a crisp and concise take on motherhood changes, it’s great you highlighted the main ones, patience and power

  2. Wonderful write up. Throughout the journey from a careless girl to a responsible mom we have to change ourself alot and we accept all with grace without any regret. Thats call motherhood. Where we do everything for our kids even without any prior knowledge . Everything goes on and on and we didnt even realize .

  3. I can totally relate every word ” cleaning, cooking, dressing and sleeping…. ” we have become multi tasker……mommy phase of lyf us really to learn n teach new things….. Lyk real new me…

  4. it was pleasant to read your post. motherhood is an amazing journey… it can be harsh, it can be mild… but it is definitely the most cherished one we will ever go through.

  5. Wow, this is a wonderful post… I can relate to your words / changes… Motherhood brings loads of changes in us in physically and mentally both ways.

  6. It was like my story. I think every mother go through this. But we love every bit of it. Motherhood is awesome.

  7. Motherhood does bring so many changes and makes one a completely different person. Gald to have known about your motherhood journey through this blog train.

  8. That’s an amazing topic to talk about and you have done an equally good job. So glad to know all your pointers. It was a good read.

  9. What an awesome responsibility we have as parents. I love the responsibility and the pleasures that it comes with. All the very best with mommyhood. Rest assured that you are doing a wondeful job.

  10. Honestly, I feel like a completely different person since I had kids. It’s tough to accept some of the changes to my identity, but most have been amazing and full of love.

  11. I can totally relate. Gone are my late nights out with friends and seeing live music regularly. But I wouldn’t change it for the world! Motherhood really puts priorities in life in perspective.

  12. that is well said, we all change in many ways, when our children are born. I have become more self less, caring and most importantly patient !

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