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As you all know, a few days ago Himalaya organized an exclusive mom and baby event in Delhi, called ‘My Baby & Me” – During this meet, we spoke about how every mother should take good care of herself, and also about the new range of products launched by Himalaya, especially for to-be moms and new moms. It was a great initiative taken by Himalaya to make moms aware of self-care, hygiene, health, and talk to them about how Himalaya products can help them in this journey. The complete range of Himalaya products have the unique benefits of natural ingredients and herbs in their products.

Himalaya is a very well-known brand in India, and they have recently launched products especialy for mothers. The entire range of Mom care products was developed especially keeping new moms in mind and how their bodies change during the pregnancy period.

Himalaya Intimate Wash :

This latest offering from Himalaya is for intimate hygiene for all the ladies or moms going through the pregnancy period or postdelivery. Just gently clean yourself and feel refreshed. It prevents from irritation and bad odor.

Benefits of Himalaya Intimate Wash :

● Cleanses excessive vaginal discharge
● Maintains normal vaginal pH balance between 3.5 and 4.5
● Makes you feel fresh and confident
● Controls itching, odor, and irritation

Himalaya Mom Intimate Wash is 100% safe to use during the pregnancy, after delivery, and even for regular use to make you feel refreshed.
It smells divine, as it has a very mild floral fragrance. It lathers well enough so that the intimate area is cleaned properly. Himalaya Intimate Wash has a pH of 3.5. It also has antifungal properties.

Pros of Himalaya Intimate Wash:

● Keeps the intimate area clean and fresh
● Reduces the chances of getting a vaginal infection
● Affordable
● Easily available
● Smells lovely
● Lathers well
● Safe to use during pregnancy
● Product by a trusted brand

Himalaya Soothing Body Butter :

Why should you use a body butter? The skin stretches during pregnancy, leading to itching and dryness. The body butter is something that provides you with soothing and moisturizing properties that relieve itching. The Himalaya Soothing Body Butter contains healing and soothing fragrances that are effective in helping you de-stress too!

Benefits of Himalaya Body Butter :

● It is a daily-use cream that helps moisturize and nourish your skin intensively
● It makes your skin supple, soft, and glowing
● It also helps keep your skin hydrated for a longer period of time
● Contains Vitamin E which is useful to fight skin damage

I have added these amazing products to my essentials. If you want to try them, head to the Himalaya store to place your orders!

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