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On the occasion of Independence Day I want to write something about our INDIAN DEFENCE. Those who fight for our freedom day and night. Actually I’m also belongs to a Defence family so I have little knowledge of their lifestyle which I want to share with you.

As a formal introduction , I’m Rashmi mommy to baby AJISTH and a proud wife of MR POORAN SINGH. He is in AIRFORCE and presently his post on airforce as a carporal. So today I’m going to to tell you how I’m enjoying my life as soldier’s wife.

Before marriage I think I know about Air Force but no I was wrong I didn’t know anything their inner work. Staying with my union ( husband and with the other Defence families )for about a year, here are the things which I know about them.

Work of Air Force?

Almost all thinks they just fly planes all day long and laugh at everyone below?


The Air Force focuses on flying, but only a small fraction of personnel actually fly. Rest all airmen and airwomen work on –

▶ Flight support missions :

Flying is just a pilot’s job but before flying there are many things that help in flying. Like technical work in aircraft. Which is called Flight Support Mission. Which means that the aircraft without its collaboration can not fly.

▶ Handling base affairs :

Some Airmen handle the bases before flying.Like giving a signal to fly.There are a lot of work that airmen handle from the base.

▶ Constructing new airstrips :

This is also a part of work for the flying. Because for flying runway should be good.

▶ Protecting bases :

Some airmen work to protect the base. Any work can be done only if the airbase will be secure.

▶ Guarding missile sites :

There are many missiles so also have to take care of the missiles. That’s why there is a group of soldiers who have to take care of the missiles.

Some common but good qualities of soldiers :-

They loves discipline :

I am enjoying my husband’s disciplined life. I have seen my husband that he loves his sleep very much, after this, he does his every work schedule.He likes discipline.But he does not rule anyone for discipline.He only explains that discipline is good for health too.

They have the divine power of decision making :

Whenever I make a decision, I am very confused about what is right and what is wrong? But my husband has a Divine Power to make a decision. He makes very quick and right decisions and I love his this art very much.

They live with the rules :

Because during training many rules are taught to them.Therefore, they become habituated to being in the rules.

They are always ready to do anything :

Army personnel are ready to do any work immediately.Whether it is the job of the house and whether the army is.

They do not have laziness, they are very punctual:

Army personnel are very punctual in time and there is no thing named laz.They loves to do their work on time. Because they know the value of time. They have accounted for every moment of their life when they are standing on the border.

They are not afraid to take initiative :

They have the habit of taking initiative.Choking mouth like a coward does not count in their habit.They are not afraid of anyone, so do not be afraid to take initiative.

They have tenacity :

tenacity is their specialty. Even in difficult circumstances, they never lose their tenacity. No matter how is weather cold or hot they have to fight for us . They can’t give up.

They knows very well how to carry on relationship.Even afar, they love their family very much :

Being a soldier, my husband has to stay away from his family mostly.Even after this, he never let his family realize it. He start his day just by talking in their home and the end of his day is only by talking to his family. He loves his family alot. He is very caring and loves me alot. Many times in adverse circumstances, I live in my house far away from my husband. Then I feel like I am single because then my husband keeps my care in the same way as if before marriage. Call me again and again and tell me that I am missing you. I love those moments Because then I feel like I am very special for anyone. And this is the reason why I do not realize that we are far away.

They put their life in service to others because they love India and Indians :

With love of the family, he loves his country too much. They are always ready to serve their country. Those who are wants to serve the country Only they want to be admitted in the army. I am proud that I am the wife of an Indian soldier.

overall A soldier is stock of qualities,Some of which I have said above.

My favourite Rule :

We are belongs to Defence family so government provides us everything separately like canteen, complex, movie hall etc.

I don’t know this rule is for every station or not but In Ambala Whenever we go to watch movies, there is a rule. Before the film begins, they plays the national anthem first.All stand up and sing national songs together.That scene is worth watching.when so many people stand together and singing song…sounds very good. At that time feels proud to be a soldier’s wife.

At the last I want to say we should respect to all soldiers because they fights for our freedom day and night. They leave there home . They leave their home, to keep our house safe. They leave their families to keep our families safe. They die everyday to save our lives. But they don’t want to return anything from your side, except the respect….

So now your turn…


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  1. I really feel respect and proud for u ..u r not only living life with soldier but also giving him and all Indians strength to stay blessed…

  2. Fabulous post on independence day. And not in Ambala dear in Delhi also its a rule of singing a national anthem song before start of any movie. And i just love this idea of connecting people with each other.

  3. We can’t even imagine what all they go through to protect us. A big salute is not even gonna di the justice.

  4. You are really lucky to be a soldiers wife and thanks so much for sharing the inner details with us….from the outside we don’t really understand the true love and sacrifice of our soldiers and reading this made me feel so nice… Proud of you and your hubby and all the wonderful selfless people and their families who are serving our country to make us feel safe….

  5. I didn’t know about all these things about airforce soldiers… Grand salute to your husband as a soldier.. I always feel proude whenever listen stories of our Indian soldiers…

  6. Soldiers ear respect with their uniform and of course the dedication, there is hardly anyone who doesn’t respect a Uniformed personnel
    Your post talks about the inner circle of Indian Airforce, thank you for sharing.

  7. The respect for soldiers and their families are at par in my heart. my heart fills with proud and praise whenever I see a soldier. Salute to you and your husband.

  8. Wow! I didn’t know that you are soldier’s Wife. Amazing life it must be – exciting and challenging at the same time. Kudos!

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