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On 15th August every year, Indians celebrate Independence Day. It is celebrated to mark the independence of India from Great Britain in 1947. This means that the people of India were not free before 1947 and were under colonial rule. Before 1947, Britain did not give Indians basic freedoms like the freedom to self-govern, freedom to vote, freedom to decide on their futures, and freedom of self-determination. We got many freedoms at the stroke of midnight hour on 15th August 1947. Today Indians are free, but exactly how much freedom do we have in India and how important is freedom for the citizens of the country.

How Free Are the Citizens of India?

India is a free country. Every citizen has a right to free speech, right to vote, right to freedom of movement, right to food, right to education, right to equality under the law, freedom of religion, freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of speech and expression, right to constitutional remedies and protection of civil rights among other rights. We enjoy our freedom in India and are constantly reminded of how lucky we are to get these freedoms when we see autocratic dictatorships and people without basic freedoms in foreign countries. But, with freedom, comes the responsibility of protecting the freedom of Indian citizens and also the responsibility of not misusing this freedom. Indians are free people but is there equality of freedom in India. How free is every citizen of this country? Are some people in India freer than others? It is important to keep striving for freedom in India because there are many sections of the society that are not free from many social and political ills in our society.

Importance of Freedom & Protection of Freedom for Citizens :

Freedom does not end at constitutional rights granted by the government. Freedom of a citizen in India is about freedom from social ills that plague our country. Indian women have the freedom of movement but do not yet have a right to safety and security from ills like rape and abuse. Indian children are born in a free country but growing cases of child abuse show that children are not safe in this free country. Are people of every religious belief getting equal rights in our country? Mob lynchings are on the rise in India and this shows that the right to free movement is under threat in India. In India, we have a right to driving on Indian roads, but do Indians have a right to traffic rules and the right to have the rule of law observed on Indian roads? Freedom of speech is a fundamental right in India and many people in India believe even this essential right is under threat in our country.

Freedom comes with responsibility and freedom also comes with efforts to keep maintaining the freedoms that we enjoy in a free society. Freedom is the bedrock of democracy as it is the most important aspect of being Indian. The level of freedom that Indians enjoy is up for debate but constantly trying to become a more free society is a right of every citizen in the country.

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2 thoughts on “Freedom – How Much Do You Have? And, How Important Is It to You?”

  1. Truly knowing our rights in democratic nation is very important as sometime people dont know what they can do which is beneficial to them for eg right to educate is our right… But no one knows how to apply and under which rules does it coms into affect #freedomblogtrain

  2. A very apt post.. actually freedom is a high-value word and state of being but today many people don’t remember to use it responsibly. We need more people speaking up about such important matters.

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