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Parenting :-

It’s one of life’s biggest blessings but also most challenging tasks.

Parenting is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of a child.

Eery parent wants to raise well-rounded and confident children. Raising your son as a Healthy, Humble and Honest person is my parenting mantra.

1) Healthy :-

I want to grow my son as a healthy person So that he can save himself from the evils of the world. I love to do everything ,which will make my baby happy. I like to Praise my son.Whenever he does a good job, I must clap for him.Praise is a wonderful tool for me to make my baby happy. Praise is good for motivation.Whenever I clap for my son, he looks very happy. And “being happy is very important for being healthy.”

Good health is very important because a person of good health can work property and leaves nothing undone. As a student he shines in his examination and I would love it when he will shine in his class.That moment would be glorious for me. But for this it is very important for my son to be healthy. So that he could touch all the heights of his life and be successful.

2) Humble :- I want my son to be humble by nature because a humble person can win everyone’s heart. I’m teaching my son by my own examples according to his age like love to everyone, don’t beat anyone, sharing and so on .My son is just too small for these Morales so he don’t know what is humble but after this I’m always teaching him about positive attitude according to his age.To be humble, your positive behavior is necessary.After the arrival of baby my nature became positive Otherwise I was very angry and slightly negative but thanks to my baby ,he has changed me. And now I want to teach my son, what I learned from him. I mean I want to develop him positive attitude.I want my son to be positive and humble. If you want to be humble patience is also very Important you. I did not have patience before,I used to be quick and I got angry too early but after becoming a mother, I changed myself. Now I do any work with patience. Because now I know the synonym of parenting is patience. The meaning of this If you want to be humble then you need to be patient. I want to make my son patient so that he can become humble.

3. Honest :-

Being honest is very important for everyone. This I learnt, from this post actually.Well this is not the subject here. Honesty is important because by telling truth, others will respect and trust you. And these both are very important for a happy life. If you want self-respect and you should be honest. That’s why I want to teach my son the importance of honesty. One of your mistakes can make you look bad at everyone’s eyes and you can lose your valuable friendship and relationships.So it is important for you to be honest to save your relationship. I do not want my son to be sad because of breakdown of relationships. So it is very important to teach him the lesson of honesty. So that he could never make a mistake like me. This is a lesson of my mistake and I want to teach it my son too by my example. Because honesty will give peace to my son.

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43 thoughts on “BLOG TRAIN :- My Parenting Mantras- Raising your son as a Healthy, Humble and Honest person.”

  1. 3 P’s are very important for the big “P – Parenting”. You said it right, you are not just upbringing your son but someone’s husband and father too.

  2. Loved how you say that it’s not. Only your son but someone’s husband, someone’s father ?… Loved the prayer part too… It is the purest form of love

  3. Loved reading your parenting mantras. The 3 Ps as you aptly called them. I really liked when you said what we have is a huge responsibility as we are actually bringing up some ones father and a husband too. ☺️. Lovely pics..

  4. Your parenting mantra looks much close to my mantra too. Raising healthy, humble and honest kids in this modern era is most appreciable. You are doing a great job. Happy to join with you on this blog train!!!

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