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Welcome to Ajisth’smomstyle. My today’s post is for those, who want to wear a heels but do not feel comfortable in it. No need to worry you can try Block heels – style with comfort

High Heeled Shoes

Over the last century or so, one of the most popular fashions in the world when it comes to shoes, it is high heels. Heels are shoes that lift the foot significantly higher from the ground. There are different types of heels that have become popular over the last few years. The stilettos, wedges and block heels all look very chic and are worn with different types of clothes on various occasions.

Block Heels

Block Heel Sandals are a type of high heeled shoes that have a chunky heel, unlike stilettos which generally has a pointed thin heel. Block heels are much more comfortable to wear as compared to stilettos and can be worn at a variety of social occasions. Block heels have a way of redistributing the weight from the front of the shoes to the back as a block heel gives support to the heel. This makes it very comfortable to wear. Women wear block heel sandals with casual wear as well as for special parties. The following are some of the type of Block heels which are popular in 2018:

Types of Block Heels

• Small heeled sandals are very popular for casual wear. Small block heels sandals with straps are a perfect choice for women as they are comfortable shoes but give the women fashionable heels to work with. Gold block heel sandals are a great choice not just for a casual event but also for special occasions or a party.

• Gladiators are very much on trend in 2018. Gladiators with a small block heel are perfect for party wear, especially with cocktail dresses and little black dresses. The best colors for these type of heels are black, white, beige, and also gold and silver.

• Block heels are also popular with sandals in the shape of slippers, sandals with toe loops and also with sandals with many fashionable straps. White block heel sandals in these above-mentioned fashions are a perfect style for brunches and other day events.

• Another major fashion that involves block heels boots. Block heel boots are very trendy and chic, especially among young people. These boots work really well with skirts and tops or even with jeans and a t-shirt. With jeans and t-shirt ensemble, using these boots and adding a leather jacket is a fabulous idea.
Block heels that are high heels are great party wear choices for women.

• Block heels with a high heel, ankle strap, and peep toes are particularly on trend these days. These types of shoes are in vogue whether worn with casual wear or a more formal occasion. Floral designs and prints are popular along with colors like red, beige, gold, silver, black, and white.

Block heels are a versatile fashion that is becoming more and more popular because they are not just stylish but also very comfortable. These types of heeled shoes are worn by women of all ages and can be worn at different social occasions.

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