Dancing During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very important yet enthralling stage in a woman’s life. There are lots of emotions and thoughts in a mother’s mind. But engrossing in certain exciting activities can help a mom to handle her pregnancy well. These activities include dancing, exercising, yoga, cooking and taking plenty of rest. However, when you pick an activity such as dance, you not only make your body fit but also help your mind to rejuvenate greatly. 

Dancing during pregnancy

Many pregnant women think like is it safe to dancing during pregnancy? But in reality, it is absolutely fine if you dance, at least simple steps. 

So, today we will look into impeccable benefits of dancing during pregnancy:

  • Flexible body: Do you know? If you want to have a smooth pregnancy, you need to work out and walk daily? All you need to do is gather a few excellent and super easy dancing steps. Dancing in the pregnancy is the finest activity to do that helps in making the body flexible. You can try out Zumba, light hip-hop, tap dance. Even ballroom dancing can be beneficial for pregnant women. The dance activates your muscles and provides good Health.
  • Fitness level: Dancing during pregnancy is a great way to handle the fitness level while you expect your baby. It is known for increasing muscles strength and flexibility in the overall body. It improves range of motion and it also helps in increasing coordination, posture, balance and it also reduces mechanical back pain. If you are bored with one type of dance, you can immediately switch on to another. You can join the dance class that operates thrice or four times a week for an hour or two. This will be very beneficial for you as well as your baby. 
  • Toned Muscles: Dancing during pregnancy activity is actually good for the muscles in legs, hands and glutes. Dance also helps you to to make fit and gives relaxation to the abdomen, lower back, stomach, the upper and lower part of the body. Ballet is one of the enthralling dancing styles that can help you to maintain a flawless muscle tone. So, make sure to dance daily. 
  • Best Alternative: As we discussed earlier, dancing is one of the best activities you can ever carry out whenever you are bored. Whenever you feel not to perform any exercise or yoga, you can rejuvenate your mood with dancing on your favourite song. Moreover, if you are bored with the gym and similar activities, you can perform your favourite dance in the form of exercise. 
  • Blood Circulation: The more you move, the more you work out, the better is your position during pregnancy. Dancing not only helps you to maintain fitness, flexibility and energy in the body but also helps you to maintain your blood circulation. Moreover, it keeps the lungs and heart-healthy during your pregnancy period. Likewise, dancing helps a mom to digest the food well anytime. It is necessary to dance to avoid acidity or gastro issues in the body. 

Yes, absolutely a pregnant mom can dance, but it is necessary to take precautions while performing the dance activities. This should be done to ensure you are healthy and safe during pregnancy. 

1. During the period of the first trimester of pregnancy, a mom has to take utmost care to take warm-up session. Before going to the actual dance, you have to ensure that you do a little bit of light exercise to lose up yourself. This will help you carry out dance in a fantastic way. 

2. The dance will help you to prepare your joints, muscles, and ligaments to sync with the extra pressure. This will help you to build stamina during the dance and also you won’t be encountering any kind of injuries. Skipping this step will increase chance injury and it will also increase the heart rate that is ultimately not good for pregnancy. 

3. Make your dance a routine and make it with simple steps where you don’t have to stress your stomach or heart or back. Practice step by step easily and you can jump slightly and move each part of your body carefully. Make sure you do not lose your energy or be tired. 

4. In case if you feel that it is not bearable to dance, take a break. Just make sure that you are perfectly okay and comfortable to carry out the dance. You are not overtired and you do not have to pressurize yourself to carry any activity that hurts you or your little baby. 

5. When its time for your second or third trimester, you have to take extra care in maintaining your health better and this is the time to take the utmost care of your tummy and little one. Avoid any kind of force step or dance that can hurt or make you tired.

6. A most important precaution to take is you should avoid dance with jerking or pressured steps. These include high jumps, rough jerks, rotational, backbends, big hip movements and lifts. Hip-hop or breakdance is not the one for you during pregnancy. 

7. Whenever you choose a dance partner it is difficult to cope up with him or her, as your tummy grows and hence, you must select mild steps and light steps

Have fun during your pregnancy and take utmost care of your health because this is a very special time. Do enjoy every bit of it but in a reasonable way as it should not hurt you or your baby. Share your pregnancy experiences as other moms want to know.  Checkout Instagram Profile.

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