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You must incorporate dried fruits and nuts such as American Pistachios in your diet plan to reap maximum benefits, says Dr. Mike Roussell

On 27th May 2020, American Pistachio Growers (APG) arranged a virtual knowledge session with Dr. Mike Roussell, a Globally Renowned Nutrition Consultant, Author and Advisor, based in USA. The virtual knowledge session was organised to create awareness about the importance of pistachios. He stated that Pistachios are one of the most vital sources for proteins and highlighted the importance of the same for children and adults as well. Further, he stated that Pistachios are declared as a “complete” source of protein.

Recently it was announced that a new analysis shows that U.S. grown roasted pistachios meet the generally accepted definition as a “complete protein,” meaning they join the ranks of a small number of plant proteins such as quinoa, chickpeas, and soybeans that have become popular among vegetarians and consumers who wish to move away from animal proteins.

There are several researches showing that American Pistachios are extremely important for all as they contain nine essential amino acids for the body. These amino acids are extremely absorbable by the body. American Pistachios are portable and do not require cooking. He added that you can enjoy them at any time of the day. 

As per the Food and Drug Administration, American Pistachios were first assessed for the first time at the University of Illinois, Chicago. As mentioned earlier, these pistachios have 9 essential amino acids vital for growth of 5 years old and all elders. 

At American Pistachio Growers, the team aims to educate consumers about the importance of including Pistachios in their daily diet plan. Additionally, the team spreads awareness to increase the intake of Pistachios in breakfast and meals as Indians do not have habit to consume the same. 

Benefits of Pistachios: 

We all know that Pistachios are fine nuts that must be included in the regular meals and snacks. These are types of tree nuts that possess impeccable health benefits. Pistachios are indeed the greatest source of antioxidants, fibers, proteins, and other important nutrients. 

Research shows that people have been constantly consuming the Pistachios for thousands of years and still are consuming a variety of dishes. 

Here are some of the scientifically proven benefits of consuming them:

  1. Rich in Nutrients: According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 49 pieces of unroasted Pistachio nuts contain 159 calories, 7.7 gms of Carbohydrates, 12.9 gms of Fats, 3 gms of Fibres and 5.73 gms of Protein along with other nutrients too. The research shows that it also contains Vitamin B6 that maintains a healthy body and particularly plays a key role in protein metabolism, cognitive development, and other body processes. 

Consuming Pistachios supplies about 37% of the Vitamin B6 too.

  1. Higher Antioxidants: Antioxidants are as important as other vital nutrients for your body. They prevent cells from damaging and reduce the risk of deadly diseases like Cancer Heart Diseases and Cholesterol. Those who consume Pistachios daily have a considerable level of lutein’s and y-Tocopherol and are healthier than those who do not consume. It has the highest level of Zeaxanthin, vital for eye health. 
  1. Lower Calories and Higher Level of Proteins: Consuming nuts have impeccable benefits. They have higher levels of proteins and some nuts do have higher calories. Fortunately, Pistachios have higher levels of Proteins and low calories. Additionally, they have higher levels of Amino Acids that supply energy to your bodies. 
  1. Weight Loss: Do you wish to lose a considerable amount of weight? Start consuming Pistachios on a larger scale this moment. Few studies and research have shown that consuming pistachios helps in losing significant weight. Additionally, they are full of proteins and fibers that give the feeling of fullness and hence, you eat less.
  1. Promote healthy bacteria: Pistachios are extremely high in fiber and one piece of Pistachio contains almost 3 gms. fibre that moves via digestive system and helps in digestion. Some are extremely good fibre and act as prebiotics. These reduce the risk of developing disorders, cancer, heart diseases and lot more. Pistachios help in producing the butyrate bacteria in the body to a greater extent.
  1. Lower cholesterol: Pistachios as discussed earlier have lower cholesterol and higher proteins that maintain a person’s body. Moreover, these are the finest nuts that encourage a balanced blood pressure. Thus, these lower the risk of heart diseases. 

After 4 weeks of continuously consuming the Pistachios, people were significantly able to reduce the level of cholesterol and triglycerides.  Moreover, these help in lowering the blood sugar from the body. 

So, these were some of the benefits of Pistachios. American Pistachios are a great source of vital nutrients and they provide a wide range of healthy fats, fibres, Vitamin B6, Proteins, Antioxidants and lots more.

What’s more, they are light, versatile and great in taste. American Pistachios also improve overall health of the person and regulates blood circulation. 

So do not forget to include Pistachios in your diet plan.


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  1. Yes, this is very important for our health. It has high level of protein. I eat daily for weight loss. Very informative post.

  2. Including nuts in our diet is helpful as they are rich in protein, fibre and good fat. Totally a must.

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