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In occasion of International Tea Day I want to wish you happy tea day to all tea lovers like me.

Do you know the first international Tea day was celebrated in New Delhi in 2005. Since then the 15th December is celebrated as Tea Day over the world.

There are various types of tea but I like the most lemon Tea and Adrak wali Chay ❤. I love to start my day with lemon tea because lemon tea helps reduce your extra fat and keep you fit but after that my all time favourite is Ginger tea, specially in winters. 

Tea makes everything better like reading, blogging , exam preparation, upset mood etc. For me tea is my fitness partner(Lemon Tea) , breakfast partner, reading partner , blogging partner ,exam preparation partner, travel partner and the most important my tea is my partner of my happiness and my sorrow . Along with this our life is also like a cup of tea , it’s all in how you make it.
So In the occasion of International Tea Day I want to tell you about the benefits of my two favourite tea.

1) Benefits of Lemon Tea

• Lemon tea helps in avoiding cold and flu.

• Lemon tea provides energy by removing toxins from the body.

• lemon tea helps reduce your extra fat and keep you fit.

• lemon tea helps to reduce the pain during the menstrual cycle of women.

• lemon tea helps to reduce acne and other skin disorders internally .

• lemon tea helps to reduce the chance of skin cancer.

2) Benefits of Ginger Tea

• Ginger tea helps to relieve your stress.

• Drinking ginger tea improves food digestion.

• Ginger tea helps reduce stomach pain.

• Ginger tea provides a variety of vitamins and minerals.

• During cancer treatment ginger tea is a good home remedy for nausea.

• Ginger tea is a good way to keep warm ourselves during cold weather.

So how can I ignore my all time partner tea, after having so many benefits?

This post is the part of blog train  Chai-A-Thon. I also want to say thanks to Khayti who blogs at kgtspassionatepursuits for introducing me. Now don’t forget to read our next blogger Nayantara who blogs at mommyingbabyt .


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  1. Truly speaking that none in my family drinks tea, except I’d we have cold ..but this time I went to chaayos to have special gur chai!

  2. I really enjoy reading of your article. I wanted to inform you that you have people like me who appreciate your work. Definitely a great post I would like to read this.

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