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Holi is a festival of joy and colour. We love to play Holi with friends and family. Good food in Holi is a bliss. Mouth smacking recipes in Holi can make the occasion worth remembering. Bright hues, delicious dishes, music and unlimited Thandaai and Bhaang (Indian cold drink) can make the festival of Holi best. Every restaurant and snacks corner try to make something unique for the food lovers on this auspicious festival. So, folks today we will note down 5 special dishes or cuisines one can try to make for your family and friends:

  1. Gujiyas:

    Gujiyas is an authentic Rajasthani dish. Gujiyas is a sweet dish that people eat during Holi festival., This has dry fruits, khoya and flour. One can make several types of Gujiyas such as Baked Gujiyas, Chocolate Gujiyas, Coconut Gujiyas and many moremorejiyas can be made with mawa filling, dry fruits and many useful filling. These Gujiyas can be made on any event such as Diwali, Raksha Bandhan or any marriage occasion.

  2. Malpuas:

    Malpua is an Indian traditional sweet that people generally make during festival days. It is like an Indian pancake dessert which can be fried in ghee and these can also be dipped in sugar syrup. Malpua has a delicious flavour and these malpuas are very easy to make. A person can make various kind of malpuas such as Ragi Malpua, Paneer Malpua and many other. One can also sprinkle dry fruits powder and saffron pieces on Malpua.

  3. Bhaang Ki Pakori:

    Bhaang is a popular cold drink people intake during Holi festival. Bhaang is considered an auspicious cold drink as this was consumed by Lord Shiva. Get an excellent kick on Holi festival with the exclusive Bhaang ki Chutney. One can eat potato pakoris along with Bhaang ki Chutney. This is an intoxicated dish that will add an extra fun to your Holi festival. Indeed. Now, glad your family and friends on pakorasth these delicious and hot pakoris.

  4. Thandaai:

    Thandaai is a staple drink on Holi. It is a cream thick and aromatic cold drink people generally intake during festival times. It is cool and hence, helps a person to release extra heat from the body. This can also be consumed during summer season. It has several healthy elements which makes it excellent blending drink of festival. Before consuming, make sure to refrigerate the same for some hours.

  5. Gol Gappe / Pani Puri:

    Gol Gappe or Pani Puri is one of the most prominent cuisine Indians consume. Irrespective of the are stapledPani Puris or Gol Gappe are staple food people consume even during their snack time or dinner. One can add small salty balls called Boondi locally into the salty mint green waters that will add an extra taste and make your day excited. These are generally served with bakes potatoes, yellow grams and Moong (Sprout). It also I,chutney hutney.

So, friends these were some of the exciting recipes which you can try during holi. Also, dal kachoris, dahhi bhalla, papdi chaat and many more can be consumed to make your festival exciting.

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