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Music has no language and it appeals to everyone. It has united people from all over the world and certain songs have become the collective voice of millions. In short, music reverberates through time and social boundaries. This is a major reason why people often put singers and musicians on a pedestal.



Helo best social app in India has become the new platform that helps singers achieve new heights. Helo app is a great medium that has reached the remotest corners of our country and as always, our multi-cultured and lingual nation did not disappoint us. Here are some gems that are going to become huge sensations in the future.

  • Naina Sharry

This aspiring singer from UP has amassed a following of 1.7k in a very short time. She generally sings covers of old Bollywood songs and her falsetto is simply amazing. Naina is a promising singer and it won’t be a surprise to see her on the big screen soon.

  • beingbinny

This Mumbai based singer has an insane 169k followers on Helo. Apart from his incredible singing, he also has panache, which has certainly helped in creating his rockstar persona. He also happens to be an accomplished dancer. An all-rounder, we will definitely see more of this young musician in the coming years.

  • Harry Harinder

Based in Chandigarh, this singer also happens to pen down his own lyrics. Punjabi music is popular all over the country and Harry with his 1.1k followers seems to be adding to its popularity. From folk music to contemporary, this singer cum lyricist is taking Punjabi music to a whole new level. His followers have grown exponentially in a short period of time and it seems unlikely that they will go down anytime soon.

  • Vocalist Bawa

As his handle suggests, this artist from the country’s capital is a vocalist, who also happens to be great with a six-string. He has an incredible 44k followers on Helo and the numbers are only growing. Apart from entertaining people with his talents, he is also an avid traveller and tries to spread joy through his music wherever he goes.

  • SingerSagarika

This professional singer from Kolkata is quite popular in her hometown and her 89.2k followers are ample proof of that. She performs on stage quite often and like a great mentor, promotes up and coming talent on her Helo handle. Although she is Bengali, she likes to promote music of all kinds, making her an ideal artist.

As stated earlier, music does a great job of bringing people together. In a country like ours, it’s the versatility which unites us and our different regional styles of music are popular all over. This is our heritage and something we should promote. These singers with their natural talent and hard work are making Indian music popular and we should all support them in their endeavour.

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  1. I am hearing a lot about helo app nowadays and seems like it is a great platform. you had shared a nice list of amazing singers. I had heard sagrika before..will check other profiles too.

  2. Helo app seems really great and I need to check more about as this list seems great and want to hear them for sure!!

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