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We all want our children to behave well.  But many times, we have to be embarrassed in front of others because of the bad behavior of our children . Have you ever wondered why children do this? Children do this because they see us doing so. How many examples do we see in our daily lives in which the parents teach their children to behave well but themselves do not behave well eachother in their daily lives. I do not understand how they can expect their children to behave well. We want to teach our children to behave well but we do not want to behave well. 

Raising a well behaved Childern is not a easy task . It’s a challenge for parents in which many parents fail and many pass. But those who are fail it’s not mean that they don’t want to do good for their children or they don’t want to be good parents. Every Parents wants to raise their children as a best human being. Then what could be the reason? Why they are fail? The reason is that they want to teach their kids about Decipline, rules and how to do well behave but they don’t want to follow these….

So if you want to raise a well behaved child check these points below, hope they will be helpful for you.  

1) Never fight infront of your children : 

Do you know your fight can directly affect your child’s health. Your fight can be a cause of your kid’s stress problem. Children can become worried, anxious and hopeless. Along with this they can react with anger and can be aggressive . They can argue with you too. So never do fight infront of  your kids . It would be good for you and your children .

2) Do unto others , as you aspect from your child for you :

when your child will see you how you are talking and how you are doing behave with your elders, family members and other members of house then they will learn how we should talk or behave to elders and others. So if your behave will be good with others then they will learn how to do well behave with others.

3) Never use bad language or abuse :

As we all know Childern learn from observation and they learn alot by observing their parents. Like my son , he is only 18 months old but totally a copy cat. He really loves to catch words and I’m really happy because his catching power is really good. But never forget if childern can catch good things or words then bad too. They may not knew the meaning of the words but they love to copy the words. Especially if they hear you using them. So if you want to teach your kids good first you speak good with them.

4) Make rules for your children but first you follow them : 

It’s good if you want to make some good rules for your kids and want to teach them decipline but never forget to follow those all rules yourself to teach them what is decipline. For example keep your shoes on the shoe rack , hang your clothes, wash your hands etc then your children will follow you. When your child will see you as a decipline person they will do same.

5) Never loose your Patience infront of your kids :

one of most important thing for your kids – PATIENCE . Teach them about patience and show them your patience too. Because only patience can control their aggressive behaviour and teach to them how to adjust according to situation. When patience will develop in their behave , I’m sure they will do well behave.

If you liked my article , share your thoughts with me and tell me how we can raise a well behaved Childern.


37 thoughts on “5 Simple tricks to raise a well behaved child”

  1. Raising kids is not a difficult task, but raising them in a right manner is, and you’ve jotted down all the key points in a very well manner, thanks for sharing!

  2. It’s tough job to raise well behaved kids specially when we are living in complicated lifestyle. Stress keeps us on edge. Patience is the key to raise better human beings..

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