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Welcome to Ajisth’s Mom Style. Today we will talk about must have footwear for Women.

A killer and absolute pair of shoes is the need for any girl. It’s Christmas, New year and all the festive season and everywhere there is a big board of sale and every girl needs to shop to seize these festive days. But what can be done to ease the end moment of shopping in the midst of pandemic? Well, say a yes to online shopping. But again, while purchasing the shoes and sandals, you need to check the size, color, pattern, style and the heel size and what not. 

There are a variety of pump heels, boots, flat shoes, sandals for beautiful chics. Let us know them in detail:

1. Heels: Only women know the importance of heels. They not only make you look elegant and perfect but also elevate your outfit. Heels are the best and instant pick for any kind of outfit. Just visit up2step.com and you will get a wide range of heels to select such as ankle strap heels, D’orsay, slingback shoes. You can welcome these heels in the wardrobe this festive season. Some include wedding satin pointed toe rhinestones, satin pearls bow wedding heels, silver glitter pointed heels, genuine leather square toe heels, nude classic pointed toe heels and many more. Just grab them all at pocket friendly costs.

2. Sandals: When you love to wear skirts or Indian traditional dresses, you can wear sandals. Sandals are the necessities for various seasons. At up2step, you get horsehair open tote sandals, summer slip on round, 100% genuine leather square toe, strappy chunky heels, exotic crystals and lots more. The sandals are comfortable and you can freely wear a simple one during travel or fancy one in events and parties. Time to look perfect and stylish now. 

3. Wedding shoes: During lockdown, there have been a lot of people getting married. There are many “girlfriends” waiting for her besties marriage and all events. This is where you need wedding shoes and wedding outfits. Up2step platform is the perfect place to find what you need, girls. Brides and her girls squad spend a good amount of time finding the perfect wedding dress and shoes. Here is the collection. You can wear wedding satin pointed heels or satin pearls bow wedding heels, glittery silver or colourful pointed D’orsay Stiletto heel pumps and lots more. A girl can get a dozen of patterns, sizes, colors and shapes of wedding shoes for the dream day. 

4. Leopard print heel: Whether you wear a black corporate suit, tight and bold skirt or a one piece, you can pair them with leopard printed heels Up2step has a color variety of leopard print heel suede stiletto heel pumps. These heel shoes can be used in any season like spring, summer, autumn and at any event or parties. 

5. Flat shoes: Some girls are also flat shoes lovers. Hence, to experience ultimate comfort and elegance, flat shoes from UP2step are the perfect treat to yourself. Soft leather buckled shoes, black soft leather buckled shoes or classic soft leather pearl flat loafers are just for you. Pick any size, pattern or color to slay your days. We have more than 20 collections at just budget friendly prices. 

So, girls grab your favorite pair now and don’t miss out the latest trend just to save a few bucks.

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