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Today I’m here with the review of an interesting app for kids and the name of this magical app is Magicjoey ” .

I know now you might be wondering how an app can be good for our kids . Yes like other moms , I also keep my son away from TV and mobiles. But I’m not totally against it especially when it is related to my son’s learning. Because according to me digital learning is also important for toddlers. That’s why I have fixed one hour of the day for my son’s screen time .Sometimes it gets two but never more than two. So like me, you also can enjoy a little screen time with your child. Now let me introduce you to Magicjoey App.

Magicjoey App is an 3D learning app for kids. It helps to develop their graphical memory and imagination power. You can download it free from playstore for demo only ,try and then buy cards if you are satisfied.

How to use :-

1) Download and install MagicjoeyApp from Playstore

2) Scan the QR code given inside the box

3) Go live scan through mobile too see the magic

Highlights of App :-

Real fruits and veggies experience

Visual learning

Touch & interact with various fruits & veggies

Memory development

Aural development

Features Inside App :-

Kids can identify the fruits and vegetables and learn their spellings too.

Kids can rotate and see them from various sides

Kids can know the benifits and colours of all fruits and vegetables by touching.

Packaging – The packaging of Magicjoey box is awesome and travel friendly. You can take this box anywhere during travel with you . The quality of card is also very good.

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Price – ₹ 449/-

Availability – Easily available on Amazon with discount and on Magicjoey’s Website .

Why I recommend this :-

1) Learning by viewing in 3D helps to develop toddler’s graphical memory and imagination power .

2) All cards come with animation and sound association. Children can learn and play with these cards as auido visual aides . It helps to develop the child’s memory.

3) The voice narration is specially designed keeping toddlers in mind . Due to voice narration, toddlers are able to repeat and learn small sentences .

4) Parents can engage their children into constructive learning . It helps them to keep away from game addiction.

5) Your child can read and learn from two different languages ( Hindi and English).

Disclaimer :-

I’m not supporting digital exposure but I’m not totally against it because according to me the excess of anything is harmful but if you are doing it in limit , it would be helpful for you. A little screen time can be ok for toddlers.

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21 thoughts on “3D Fun learning with Magicjoey”

  1. Visual leaves the most amount of impact on our younger ones, and this product seems to be helpful in that case!

  2. Kids learn much faster when they can play with the things and feel entertained! This magic joey app looks great for kiddos!

  3. How much has gaming and creativity evolved, I can so much relate to such learning for toddlers. They tend to grasp the things in a much faster way!

  4. Sounds like so much fun! I wish my kids were younger – would have loved to get this for them. I totally endorse that using technology for learning is a good thing. Keep writing 🙂

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