Health Supplement for Beautiful and Radiant Looking Skin

Hello Friends Welcome to Ajisth’s Mom Style. Investing on Cosmetics and Makeup’s is just not sufficient for a healthy and beautiful looking skin. Your skin needs care from within. Your skin needs Glutathione. Let’s understand what Glutathione actually is. Glutathione (GSH) is nothing but antioxidant present in plants, fungi, animals and bacteria. Glutathione is body’s own antioxidant which is essential…

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5 Special Holi Dishes

Hello friends Holi is a festival of joy and colour. We love to play Holi with friends and family. Good food in Holi is a bliss. Mouth smacking recipes in Holi can make the occasion worth remembering. Bright hues, delicious dishes, music and unlimited Thandaai and Bhaang (Indian cold drink) can make the festival of Holi best. Every restaurant and…

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7 Wise Tips To Follow When Buying Girl’s Dresses Online

Hello Friends Welcome to Ajisth’s Mom Style. Today I’m going to talk about online shopping. The online shopping platforms have gained huge popularity and momentum of business in the current times. Online shopping portals are the places where you can find everything under the sun. It is one of the fastest and the most convenient ways through which people can…

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UNLEASH Event Organized by UPES

Hello Friends, Welcome to Ajisth’s Mom Style. Today I would like to share with you my experience about an amazing event . I attended an interesting event on 8th of january hosted by UPES Institute in Chandigarh. It was a mega career counselling event “UNLEASH” for Chandigarh students at the prestigious Hotel J W Marriot, Chandigarh. The event was all…

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Stage Fear: Effective Ways to Reduce It

Hello Friends, Welcome to Ajisth’s Mom style. Today, I want to discuss in a very important topic which we call stage fear. Stage fear is extremely common, especially it is seen in children between ages 3-6 years. But this is not a problem that can affect your abilities. Children participate in several exciting activities such as elocution, dancing, singing, drama,…

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Early Diagnosis of Japanese Encephalitis and Ways to Avoid It

Hello friends, Welcome to Ajisth’s Momstyle. One thing that we wish for everyone is a healthy life. When we mention healthy, it implies that the person is physically active and is free from harmful diseases since diseases can ruin a person’s health & fitness. However, we know that it is practically impossible since the situations outside our house/neighborhood surroundings are…

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